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    House GOP stage a sit-in

    I wont say that fascism is limited to the right, however considering the policies that the right is endorsing more openly right now they would fit the bill more closely (specifically the Bush Administration, I continue to refuse to believe that all Republicans are Bible-thumpers who think Saddam...
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    Bush Wants to Label Birth Control as "Abortion"

    Well since the Pope said it was cool to use contraceptives to prevent spread of disease the US government/education system will hopefully come around.
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    Bush adm leaves a record $482 billion deficit

    Because logically its really a great administration that has done inconceivable good for America, right?
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    Is Al Gore BULLSHIT?!

    I'll second the sentiment that the environmentalists are far too concentrated on emissions in general. One would think they'd be more concerned about clear-cutting forests/hunting endangered species/destruction of habitats/oil spills/etc.
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    What Bush and Batman have in common.

    ..."one crucified." Did he honestly put Batman, Jesus, and George W. Bush in the same boat? This is hilarious. :D
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    Heh, you really saw it coming.....

    I hope there is a conspiracy against McLaren because I want to see Ferrari win everything again this year. :D
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    Fox News sucks at Photoshop

    When you're that ancient, is there really a difference? :lol: I'm quite happy with McCain being able to joke about his age, though. As for the point to this thread - its Fox News. This is their business. What were we expecting at this point?
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    Volvo thinking about WTCC

    You might want to rethink that. :lol:
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    Volvo thinking about WTCC

    But Robbie sounds much more American. :lol:
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    Lord Monckton bitch slaps Al Gore

    That seems to be the reaction most people have.
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    The audacity of vanity and ego-two articles.

    But a lot of people (and the media) do. So I'm saying don't be surprised if he gets a lot of coverage. Its a human interest bit, and the media will milk it for every cent.
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    The audacity of vanity and ego-two articles.

    Yeah cause the first legitimate black candidate for Presidency of the United States is nothing important. :( What were you guys expecting? A lot of people thought we would have a female or hispanic president before we would a black one - its a pretty big deal, so yeah I expect him to fill...
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    For the Americans: what issue is on your mind?

    But what about major oil-producing countries trying to get the international currency for oil switched from the US Dollar to the Euro? I thought the fact that the Dollar was the standard for oil trade was why it hadn't plummeted even further. Could be completely wrong, I don't follow economics...