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    Top Gear demotivators

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    Why no Top Gear Japan? And what other countries will get their own spinoffs?

    Cant....Tell...If Serious....... Japan is a massive producer of car shows, and don't get me started on car culture... Anyhow, I do think it is difficult to gauge how popular the Top Gear formula would fit in a foreign country where the original isn't highly syndicated (which is why TG AU was...
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    Clarkson: Jezza Forza 4 Promo

    No he does not have an SLS, but he did have a GT
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    Clarkson's Patriotism and Anti-Americanism...

    Could you provide sources for that? Pretty sure that is totally overstated....from what I understand Lotus helped Nissan do the aero on the GT-R and some suspension tuning, and Cosworth assisted devloping the engine's aluminium monoblock design, and reducing crank and piston weight.
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    Most distracting audience member

    brunette to right of screen is pretty fine...
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    Rowan Atkinson smashed his McLaren F1

    I'm still trying to picture how you can hit a tree and a lamp post...... also thats sad :( unfortunately F1s dont reproduce so the number of them is ever shrinking...
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    [17x04] July 17th, 2011

    Infact both Jezza and may like it, and commented that they would like to own one! This video was actually interesting too:,AAAAAFwqu7c~,j110uIP_ymo8W4qKa2T3TITdqwBck7yC&bctid=1057426306001 Im not sure if James noticed, but...
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    [17x05] July 24th, 2011

    Can you filming-present guys confirm if the E-Car segment was cut from this episode? :)
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    Mclaren Mp 4/12C review, what did you think?

    To be honest, If i wanted an amazingly fast car which was purely a technical marvel that is fairly easy to live with, I'd buy a GT-R. If I was spending Mclaren/Ferrari Money, I'd want something which makes me feel truly special, even if it comes at a loss of practicality, comfort, or track...
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    Top Gear Revelation

    Hold up, isnt the reason Top Gear is so great, and that it has so many viewers is because it is so entertaining? I think having a balance of cocking about and serious car reviews are great, i'm really interested about watching a hardcore analysis of MY2011 GT-R and XKR-S. As Long as the review...
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    Mclaren Mp 4/12C review, what did you think?

    I have a growing suspicion that not utring the traction control off is the problem in all the other tests: They definitely turned it off for the Top Gear test , but when Ben Collins drove it he had it on, because they thought it couldnt be turned off. That definitely could make a few seconds of...
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    Clarkson: Is it time for Clarkson to go? If so, who shall sub him??

    umm... he's only 51, he could easily go till he's 65, and tiff is already 59, and he's still going.
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    The secret life of Top Gear

    Click on My Profile, scroll down, and in the permission group left pane click join groups, and select join spoiler forum.
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    New Remakes of Old Top Gear

    I just dug up this clip from old top gear back in 1997 (Andy Wilman presenting infact); and here is its modern equivalent: I hadnt realised that they had pulled their whole segment from old...
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    The secret life of Top Gear

    have you joined the spoilers forum?