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    Series 22 Spoilers

    Looks like Clarkson is doing some more Eagle Speedster praising >>> (Found on the Eagle E-Types Facebook page)
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    RWD Car Challenge Quote Question

    Hi, I have a random question for the seasoned English people of Final Gear. At the start of the challenge, Jeremy quotes what I suppose must be a reference to an old English TV show (Minder) starting with what sounds like 'Alright Chell...' I would love to know what he actually says (in that...
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    will there be top gear after Jeremy?

    Thought about these three as possible replacements, while it however a crazy thing to worry about. - Chris Harris - Steve Coogan - Chris Evans My thoughts were that they all have good senses of humor- but different senses of humor. They are all obsessed with cars, and have owned many. It...
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    The Stig: Top Gear Season Montage Soundtrack

    Series 16 montage showed at the start of 15x07: AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill - - - Updated - - - And I do apologize, Depeche Mode was played on Series 6, and Paul Oakenfold in series 5. No montage series 4.
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    The Stig: Top Gear Season Montage Soundtrack

    Series 02: Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama Series 03: The Strokes - Reptilia Series 04: Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go Series 05: Depeche Mode - Nothing (headcleanr rock mix) Series 07: Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To? Series 19: The Maccabees - Pelican Any help?
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    Top Gear viewing figures

    Family Fortunes getting 5.3m? What is going on these days. I would have expected TG to have got more than that with it being the 'most watched' TV show worldwide.
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    Unveiled: 2013 Renault Captur

    The silver roof reminds me of the old Avantime
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    Unveiled: 2014 Lexus IS

    "The first official pictures of the all-new Lexus IS have been released, revealing powerful and elegant exterior styling and a cabin that is more spacious and driver-focused. Even at first glance it is clear to see how faithful Lexus has remained to the acclaimed LF-CC concept car that trailed...
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    Random Twitter sightings

    I was just wondering what site you use to get this information?
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    Autoblog: Official: Jaguar teams up with Williams F1 to build the C-X75

    :( I was really looking forward to this. It has been too long since Jaguar had a super/hypercar
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    Unveiled: 2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    Oh dear. I am not a fan of the sudden change to soft, rounded shapes. It makes the front end look a bit messy.
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    Clarkson quote for a wedding?

    Where is this from?
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    Top Gear: Official Full Episodes Now Up On YouTube!

    Not available in my country D:
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    Autoblog: iQ fU: Aston Martin Cygnet with V12 power possible?

    How would this work? Maybe it could be mid engined. So we could have another W12 Golf on our hands here
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    Jaguar to offer manual transmissions again

    About bloody time :D Seriously though, I was worried the F-Type would only be an auto, which would stop me from having one and a 911 instead.