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    [Australia] Top Gear Live - get your tickets now!

    I just got my tickets for the first NZ show. We don't get James May. No idea what to expect from this, but all the shows are close to selling out just days after being put on sale. Dam i am excited !
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    Anybody have Joost Invite?

    sent ya one
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    Anybody have Joost Invite?

    sent ya one :)
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    Fifth Gear on Joost

    PM me if anyone wants invite with ya email.
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    Anybody have Joost Invite?

    I have unlimited invites so if anyone needs one just drop me a PM :) The redbull channel is 'dope' :)
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    I was heading the direction of south (from Auckland). Was traveling to the Womad festival (world music festival). Was an excellent time. You should come to NZ. Some of the best driving roads ever! :D
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Spotted at petrol station on my way south on the weekend. The owner worked for Porsche and it arrived 2 days ago. Sorry about my camera :?
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    Weed Smokers

    pretty much the same. You only use 1/4 of your weed though for the same high. Also doesn't seem to give you the tiredness side of it
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    Weed Smokers

    ewwww don't put tobacco in your joints. Whats wrong with blunt wraps? Peach flavor = :woot: My mate has a vaporizer. Takes all the fun out of it imo. Tastes like shit too. But a different experience getting high off air :)
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    Weed Smokers

    Yup let the good times roll. (forgive my pun) My last exam is on Wednesday then party time! :D
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    Weed Smokers

    I can't believe I haven't spotted this thread before (i think i'm a little scared of off topic). Where i live pot is everywhere. New Zealand has some of the best bud in the world :) A couple of my friends grow so its normally free. I smoked a little more than i would have liked in high school...
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    Hamster is hit by depression

    Edit: At least its expected. A bad good or a good bad sign :) --- Crap double posted. Delete pls. Still getting used to this! How do u delete?
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    Please Avatar makers (GIF requests)

    here we go: take it away fluke! :D
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    New Volvo V70 spotted

    the blue one looks way better thanks to the wide wheel arches. Ive never liked the long column lights. Prefer my '83 Volvo 240 SW :)
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    Nurburgring Webcam

    excuse my insolence, but what evo?