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  • Oh where oh where has my gman333 gone, oh where oh where can he be.
    Haaaa, that's so funny man... someone else also told me it matched to a song they were playing at the time.

    He's shaking that ass so quickly that it probably matches up to any quick song. :p
    Huzzah for being gone for 2 months! Overall it sucked for the most part but I guess that's the point of basic training. We did get to do some cool stuff like shooting guns, hitting dummies with them, obstacle courses, chemical weapons training, and other stuff like that. Things are much better now that I'm learning my job of maintaining C-130s. It's much more of a normal life here than what we had earlier.

    So what's your excuse for the absence? :p
    o hai! welcum bach. alscho that kitteh looks like one we used to have. great success! how long were you gone for anyway?
    zomg!! Winning election + finding out I finished 9th in the fantasy F1 league = awesome day is awesome. Top 10 baby!!! :banana:

    Poor Massa :cry:
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