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    Clarkson: Jezza Forza 4 Promo

    That was different. I wonder if Jeremy has ever played Halo...
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    Top Gear Live... Final Gear CORNER???

    Finalgear should try and do that twitter poster for libel/defamation :D
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    JFK -> Penn Station -> Boston.... Have I left enough time

    I don't know the answer to your question, but this sounds like fun. I am planning a trip to US next year :)
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    Clarkson: Round the Bend (book)

    Yes, convenient how his books and DVDs always seem to come out just before Christmas <_< My guess is that Mr Clarkson is a very wealthy man.
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    Clarkson: Round the Bend (book)

    :| Not you again. Jeremy is the most ugly man... in the world. :puke: In one of his books he mentions that he has never visited the dentist, either.
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    I just stumbled across Germany Watch. An entire political blog dedicated to ensuring Germany doesn't have territorial ambitions :D Kind of sad someone has the time to operate it.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    About time! :mouse: :mouse: :mouse: :mouse:
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    Jeremy Clarkson American Interview?

    Anyone got a youtube link to this? :( Edit: is this it?
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    Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

    I guess if I had to sleep with one of the presenters, it would have to be Richard. This thread is brilliant.
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    London Burning

    On a slightly off-topic note; there must be some real bargains going on at the moment? :P They'll probably be flogging all the stolen merchandise on there as we speak.
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    The Post Your Pets Thread

    What breed of dog is that?
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    The lack of employment/Laid off/Thread

    I'm currently working part-time while studying at university. Had an interview with another (fairly prestigious) firm today, which went well. I'm amazed by the amount of luck I'm having with interviews and assessment centers at the moment. I don't know what I'm doing, but it's working. And...
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    Dutch version of the show in the pipeline

    A population of about 15million? Is there really demand for a TV show of this budget in Holland? :| Or enough viewers?