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    New TV Time

    I was shopping for a new 4K TV recently and ended up getting a 49" Sony XH95. Because of space constraints, I couldn't go over 50". I was shocked to learn that it's considered a smallish screen now as the market is moving towards 65"+ screens that dominate the room. If you're undecided, I...
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    20 for 2020 - post your lockdown year top tracks

    11. VTSS - Atlantyda vs. Cardi B - WAP (2020) Let's kick off the other ten with a killer mashup from VTSS' own track, that she played in her set for Hör Berlin. Unforgettable. 12. Beroshima - This Could Be Love (2003) Kick-ass techy pop song that I can't get out of my head. 13. Wolfram...
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    20 for 2020 - post your lockdown year top tracks

    As usual, I spent most of 2020 listening to techno, electro and house sets. 2020 was a terrible year for the dance music scene, clubs were shut down and no big events took place... To keep some of the vibe going, many artists and promotion channels organised and streamed events without audience...
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    Ownership Verified: Meet Filippo aka The Red Panther - My 2008 Alfa Romeo 159

    Oh, a what a nice 159! They're good cars, I used to own a Sportwagon 1750 Tbi for 4 years, of which the first 3 were completely trouble-free. Then some parts of the cooling system started causing trouble as they developed some cracks and needed replacing. I also used to have a 156 with the...
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    "I should buy an Alfa." Alfa BAT concepts going up for aucion.

    I like them (and they do look wonderful on these photos), they have a set place in the company's history, but I wouldn't buy them even if I had the money. I'd rather spend the imaginary funds on a Alfa 33 Stradale, which was also designed by Franco Scaglione.
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    EDM* discussion thread

    Thread resurrect! I have recently stumbled upon what is possibly the most epic techno set ever, with visuals to match. 4 hours of brilliant madness. Enjoy.
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    Unverified Ownership Organ on Four Wheels (2005 Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6)

    Ever since I sold the 159 back in October 2019, the Italian mutation of Carowner virus was trying to manifest itself more intensively. I was looking to replace the 2005 Smart ForFour that was purchased as a sensible second car, but was getting less and less use, with something less economical...
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    Unverified Ownership 1989 Mini - Andeh's notactuallyaCooper

    Oh what an upgrade over the original spec, which looks like something my 6-year old daughter would drive. Looks like a lot of fun - though I have to confess that I'm also among those, who haven't driven a classic Mini yet. Hopefully I'll be able to do so one day. The chav in me kinda likes...
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    Forum-wide survey: How oomphy is your ride?

    To keep this up-to-date, my current cars: 2005 Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6 24V 3179cc NA V6 Petrol 177 kW / 240 PS 300 Nm 1410 kg 14,5l/100km avg (says the Computer) 2018 Ford S-MAX 2.0 EcoBoost ST-Line 1999cc Turbo I4 Petrol 177 kW / 240 PS 345 Nm 1704 kg 10,1l/100km avg (says the Computer) Threads...
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    Ringmeet 2020 - A clear case of Carownervirus!

    I said on Telegram I'd have two, please. I'm repeating it here just in case it went unnoticed :)
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    Ringmeet 2020 - A clear case of Carownervirus!

    Since we did a part of the renovations we planned for August in corona lockdown, we might actually be there! me + 1, Thu-Sun, PCT
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    Ownership Verified: Miami Weiß - My 1989 Chevrolet Corvette C4

    Ohh I love Corvettes (almost as much as Alfas!) and I like the C4 a lot. I'd love to own one someday, when I need no rear seats. Congrats on the purchase an I wish you many happy miles together!
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    MWF+HWF3.0 Anniversary/Coco+IceBone Birthday Google Meet Sat Jun 13th

    Well I did my little part by joining and actually plugging a few sentences. However I found the chat somewhat difficult to follow, especially when it turned to slideshow of people who just coughed or made some noise. So when the app froze the second time, I just didn't rejoin. Might still try...
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    Our 100th Birthday Online Meet Up

    I'll mark the time and try to join you together with my wife :)
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    3-Car Garage: Restromod edition.

    1: Weekend Toy - Alfa Romeo 105 Coupe Converted by Alfaholics UK to GTA-R, but looking like a 1750 GTV. 2: The Family Car - Alfa Romeo Giulia (105) I'd let Alfaholics fiddle with it too and re-crerate one of their TwinSpark Giulia builds. Or maybe do a Busso V6 swap... 3: The City Car -...