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    2014 Car Launches and Testing Thread

    Doh.. Beat me to it Dr_Grip!
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    Ayrton Senna film mentioned by Clarkson, where is it?

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I saw the Senna documentary today as part of the Adelaide Film Festival. To sum it up in one word - WOW. But that doesn't do the film any justice at all. The producers, writers & directors totally nailed it. I started watching F1 in 1984-5 when I was...
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    I'm now a Daddy!!

    Good luck! I've got a now 8 month old who's on the verge of cutting his first tooth & crawling. It's a great journey. Make sure you enjoy it!
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    2010 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    1) Pole and winner? Vettel, Webber 2) Who will become WDC and how will the standings look after the race (top 4)? Webber will be WDC (pleeeease!) Top 4 - Webber, Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton 3) Will Red Bull lock out the front row again? You betcha 4) Any safety cars or race surprises? Vettel...
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    The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]

    Went to the UK recently and visited the fleet air arm museum in Yeovilton. In this photo are: BAC Concorde 002 (G-BSST) Hawker P1127 (bottom left - harrier prototype) Bristol Scout D (top of photo) Handley Page HP115 (far left - under Concorde wing) BAC 221 (centre front) Hawker Hunter T8M...
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    Windows 7, so who's tried it? This should get you going.
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    Webber Bombing!!!

    Brilliant! +rep coming your way for bringing this LOL to my attention!
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    Need London Travel Advice

    The wifey, kid and me are heading to Paris & London in 2 weeks. Spending 4 nights in Paris and then eurostar to London - staying there for 4 nights. Then we pick up a hire car from Heathrow and spend 3 and a bit weeks around the south east of England visiting relatives etc. Think we've got...
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    Formula 1 Dream Team Competition on Sportal

    Hmmm just checked as I must admit I keep forgetting to check the team.. I've got 17 trades left :) Still Vettel, Webber, Button, Hulkenberg RBR, RBR, Renault, Lotus isn't a bad team...
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    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    The senna Film was perfection... Bought back so many memories of 80's F1. Also reminded me of two of my favourite things - the Adelaide grand prix and the fact that the Malboro McLaren livery was even better than the JPS Lotus Livery... In my opinion anyway. I have watched the Senna film...
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    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    Cameron Diaz allegedly had a "dramatic breakdown" during her hot lap... Boo fricking hoo! Not to worry it's only the Daily Fail
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    Formula 1 Dream Team Competition on Sportal

    Wooo that's me!! Sweeeeeet!!!
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    Formula 1 Dream Team Competition on Sportal

    I actually made a change this week - it was putting in a 2nd red bull and promoting Webber to captain. Looks to be paying off so far!
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    Does anyone still have 56k on here? [Speed Test Thread]

    Been on broadband since I moved back to Adelaide in 2001. I still remember buying my first modem in 1993 - was a 14.4k modem and cost me around $500. Ironic that in early 2001 I was still only connecting at 19.6k! even with a 56k modem!
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    So... I'm going to be a dad

    No history or even manual either! Clean slate this one. We are all learning as we go along which is excellent!