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    Congratulations Audi, BMW & Subaru

    I had a good laugh :lol: .
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    Clarkson on Ramseys F word

    JC and Ramsey have great chemistry together :lol: .
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    Dell recalls flaming laptop batteries

    My uncle's Sony notebook just died yesterday and my aunt said she smelled something burning. Could be a related issue...
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    I think we can expect a Jeremy Clarkson article regarding Button's win very soon :lol:
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    I met Captain Slow

    James was wearing a quasi prisoner's outfit :lol:!
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    Official World Cup 2006 Thread?

    BBC asked a lip reader to decode what Materazzi said, and apparenty it was "you're the son of a terrorist whore." If this is indeed true then Materazzi should be punished along with Zidane.
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    Bears can pop up in one's backyard in Greater Vancouver, so this is no surprise :lol:
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    What's up with Ireland?

    Different religions ...
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    Japan, here I come!

    Have a nice trip. Japan should hold plenty of suprises for a Norwegian :).
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    We get 1% off our GST starting today :D .
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    Japan, here I come!

    You could consider getting those all you can ride train passes from Japan Railways, but I think they are only available abroad at travel agencies. Can't buy them in Japan. Spending half of your time in Tokyo seems quite long though.
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    Half Life 2: Episode 1

    Started playing it yesterday. Can't wait to get out of the reactor and enter city 17 again :thumbsup: .
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    [09x06] May 15th, 2006

    The Fifth Gear team should invite pop stars every week :lol: .
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    Has America Reached its Apex?

    The Chinese government bought many bad loans from the country's big banks a few years ago in an attempt to prop up the country's banking system, and has succeeded until recently when the banks start granting many home mortgages without assesing the borrower's ability to repay. A shaky banking...
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    Has America Reached its Apex?

    Long-term growth comes only from productivity increases, and investments (such as building schools, highways, factories) generally increase economic efficiency. I've been intrigued by the Chinese economic transformation since 5 years ago, and have read a great deal of books on the subject and...