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    [03x14] April 11, 2019 - Funeral for a Ford

    Yes, that is what I meant when I said for commercial reasons. I didn't mean they are changing purely because the tent is expensive but it's more a commercial decision based on many factors including money, viewing statistics, general feedback and more. They are giving the people what the data...
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    [03x14] April 11, 2019 - Funeral for a Ford

    At least some of what you are saying is probably true. The tent is also possibly still expensive and requires a lot of effort to maintain despite it being in the same location for the last two seasons. I'm just guessing but suspect the change for season 4 is more commercial than anything and not...
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    [03x14] April 11, 2019 - Funeral for a Ford

    Thought the Ford segment was done quite well although it was far from their best work and went on a bit too long. Have to say Jeremy getting very emotional at the end actually made me feel quite uncomfortable although I fully understand why he felt that way considering how much of his life has...
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    Good news! Amazon renews TGT for Season 4

    Be interesting to see how S4 pans out. Making it all on the road with specials/road trips will be a huge challenge for them to keep it fresh and interesting each time.
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    [03x13] April 5, 2019 - GT Special: Survival of the Fattest

    Certainly the best episode of the Grand Tour so far and a stark contrast from the final episode of the last series! I thought it did drag on a bit in places and some bits were entirely predictable, but overall very enjoyable. 9/10
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    [3x12] March 28, 2019 - Legends and Luggage

    Not bad by any means but reminded me very much of an end of season episode where they are throwing in whatever films they have left. As a result, the episode as a whole felt a little bit disjointed. And why has it taken so long for them to pick up on bike thieves being knocked off by the...
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    [03x11] March 21, 2019 - Sea to Unsalty Sea

    Would mostly agree with the previous comment, a fairly decent trip with some good parts and some pretty poorly executed parts. Good catch on them passing the chase car half way through the race, ether the race was entirely fake or there was some pretty terrible editing! 7/10
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    [26x01] Feb 17, 2019

    Can't quite put my finger on why but post CHM Top Gear races/competitions have always lacked suspense or a sense of urgency. They seem like no-one is bothered about the result before they even start, so comes over as an anti-climax. The Norway film suffered from this. Bit of a silly premise for...
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    [03x05] February 8, 2019 - "An Itchy Urus"

    Of course it wasn't James doing the drifting. Whenever there's drifting in a James review you never see him do it from in the car and you can never see the driver from the external shots. It's been done several times before including Top Gear. I actually liked his review of the Alpine and...
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    [03x04] - February 1, 2019 - Pick Up, Put Downs

    I don't think people are complaining so much about having scripted stuff, it's the quality or lack of quality in the scripting that is more of a concern. The Jag review was a case in point, most people liked it but we all know it was still scripted. Like nearly everyone else, I think the Jag...
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    [03x01] - January 18, 2019 - Motown Funk

    Far from their worst and far from their best, kind of a middle of the road episode. Thought the Detroit feature was a bit bland if I'm honest and they perhaps could have done a bit more with it. Didn't really care for the drag race at the end either but I'd probably take that every week if it...
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    McGuinness and Flintoff announced as new hosts

    Maybe it came from Flintoff, after all, he's the one who's got Reid's job? :lol:
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    McGuinness and Flintoff announced as new hosts

    It looks like the beeb has given up on the international market for Top Gear because these two will be virtually unheard of outside the UK, not exactly top names for this sort of job in the UK either really. At least LeBlanc has a gravitas about him which carries the show along with the two...
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    McGuinness and Flintoff announced as new hosts

    Apart from the forums being down for a few days and it's probably slow around here because there's no new TG or TGT on at the moment, I think it's also the case a lot of people don't really care anymore about Top Gear. I mean, including these new two, how many presenters/sidekicks will they...
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    Matt LeBlanc leaving Top Gear

    For me, some of the weakest parts of the post CHM era shows have been in the studio. They really haven't had someone who can present, interview and be entertaining to a good level, including having spontaneity. Clarkson was very good at all of that which is why the studio segments with those 3...