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  • Well, you know what it's like - they moan so much it's impossible to know what they'll like. I'd almost given up on TG-related t'Interwebz because it was all getting so negative, it was actually affecting my enjoyment of the show. Of course, if I don't hang out here, I miss catching up with you, and that really would be (not at all lucky) pants!
    But thanks again. I appreciate your help. My paper is just fine, I finished I today :)
    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I have plenty of space and have even made a folder under Hammond Videos for them. Thanks for the offer and the contribution.

    Am going for the Nov 16th Show @ Birmingham...

    I saw in the ticket that the access to the show with any audio or visual equipment is prohibited.

    I want to double check this...
    Is there no way to take my Digital camera to take few snaps ?:?

    Do let me know abt this after ur show in London :)
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