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  • I have just posted a warning on the lego builders board not to scare people but to make sure no one gets caught up in some of the madness from the hammond boards . On a lighter note please if you have a gold or platinuim pass from london dont forget it as we are using them to get every one into the same area to grab drinks etc in the NEC. I had better start packing now lol
    I'm not, but anything that arrives at Denbies for his attention gets to the lego build, anything else might go astray. I already discussed it with him, so he's expecting it. However, I will take responsibility for mentioning it to James myself and will be reminding Jules about it on Tuesday when I'm next in.
    The address is:
    Denbies Wine Estate,
    London Road,
    RH5 6AA
    Oh, great. What's the exact address i would have to send this to? I assume you are Jules.

    I will send the engine on monday then.
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