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    MotoGP [possible spoilers]

    The CS issue is strange. HRC is like an angry wife. They didn't cut him loose but they damm sure aren't forgetting that huge offer CS turned down. Oh now you wanna come back? Sorry we can't accommodate you but please keep testing for us.
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    No basketball or baseball threads?
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    Top Gear USA returns June 3! [2014]

    Can't wait for the new season!
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    What is going on in this thread? I don't get it.
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    Greetings. I'm here for the Top Gear info.
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    MotoGP [possible spoilers]

    MotoGP! Glad to see this thread. What did you guys think of the last race?
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    What do you guys think of Top Gear USA currently?

    Why such a big gap until the next episode?
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    Top Gear America trailer

    Looks good. Yes, its brash. That's what America is all about isn't it?
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    the Top Gear British phrases explanation thread

    "Torrey Canyon takes a beating" as James gold Jag takes off on the track run. Took me a loooong while to find this reference. my first post!