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    Ownership Verified: Meet Luigi DeVito! That's right, another MX-5! Sorry.

    You look so bored for someone entering the karusell "*sigh* here I go again, another corner..." :P
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    Ringmeet 2018 - First Blood

    Man, that sounds amazing now, sounds quite aggressive.
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    Andx0r's 4-wheeled Toaster (1987 Toyota Van)

    Is that the same as the Model F? Edit: Looks like it is, hehe, I remember they were around a lot back in the day, also.. epic handling. :P
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    Ringmeet 2018, because we're not finnished with this.

    I''m gonna see about putting some cash aside and maybe fly in like I did last time, I'll have to see, as I'm going in for some surgery in May, I'll be on sick leave until August.So I don't know what I'll even be able to afford.
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    Ownership Verified: You May Not Like It, But This Is What Peak Performance Looks Like - 2012 Kia Forte EX

    I guess snow wasn't quite the Kia's Forte... I'll leave now. :P
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    Testing Japanese auctions - 2001 S 500 L

    A rust-free S class from the 2000's? That is an impressive find! should be a fun car!
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    Elegant and well sliding brick for Finnish winter - Volvo 240 '86

    They are fun to drive, the '85 I had was great fun, I kinda miss it, the '93 model I got now has real long gearing, feels sluggish compared to the old B200K one, and it's got a B230F. :P But with a locking diff, they are incredibly controllable, I got to test drive one and even just in the wet...
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    Elegant and well sliding brick for Finnish winter - Volvo 240 '86

    I kinda have a weak spot for the B200K, as my first car had one. :P Though I didn't have the luxury of a weber carb, instead I had the intake and carb from a B21, as the stock carb on the B200K is garbage. In addition mine had been converted from automatic to manual with a M45 gearbox, aka 4...
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    Elegant and well sliding brick for Finnish winter - Volvo 240 '86

    Cool to see another 240 on the forum. 1986... You got the facelift then and use the same body parts as mine. Tho it's pre-1987 so it's not galvanized. Fun cars though, especially on snow :P But can be hard to hill start as they're not that heavy in the ass, so if ya ain't got good tires ya might...
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    Post a pic of yourself

    I hope to if finances allow! Also with the Volvo in slightly better shape, might even attempt to drive down if finances allow.
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    Volvo to supply Uber with self-driving fleet

    We're slowly getting closer to the future predicted by the anime eX-Driver. :P
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    Post a pic of yourself

    It's a crappy front camera, no effects, just bad camera :P
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    Post a pic of yourself

    I think my beard might be getting a bit wild...
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    Does anyone still have 56k on here? [Speed Test Thread]

    hmm... the line I got at home now.
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    Ownership Verified: My 1986 Volkswagen Polo Classic

    Does it have a fuel filter? could be something like that?