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    2012 Chevrolet Cobalt

    you can't really compare directly, the 29k Logan comes with a 1.0 engine, no AC, no power steering and so on, this new "Colbat" comes with better standard equipment, a similarly equipped Logan costs about the same this new "Colbat" looks awful (the front end, with the huge headlights is...
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    Sandy Bridge (Builds, Discussion and Random Shit)

    38x? isn't just the normal "Turbo" doing its job?
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    2011 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix

    really? the bus stop had a cool name, but it wasn't that great anyway, I think the current track is quite good as it its,
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    The who have Top Gear insulted this week thread

    what about the British and French Africa? or Haiti, French Guiana? the exploration/colonization model from north and south America were quite different, each part if their struggles, challenges and history anyway, about the Mexico jokes, I have nothing to do with Mexico, but I thought it was...
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    Getting very different readings for 8800GT

    wow, I think the card wouldn't be working at 152 ?C and 44 c seems reasonable for a 8800GT idle, try gpuz but try to see if the heatsink is any warm... see if its correctly (making good contact with the GPU) installed, and you need to reapply the thermal paste.. to...
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    800rpm seems quite low, are you using some "quiet fan" options on your bios? (lower fan rotation when the cpu use is low) anyway, your temperature looks OK, but you could try testing with some heavy application or burn test to see what happens...
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    Old Games

    some of my old games that I played more recently
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    PC vs. Mac , Which one are you ?!

    PC since I was a 6 years old kid, I love to build my own PC choosing all the parts I want, MACs are basically PCs now, with the ability to run Windows and MacOS, but I think they are overpriced (at least here in Brazil) and not as customizable as a PC (and you can run a hacked mac os if you want...
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    Which Constructor will win '10 season?

    lol at the Campos and USF1 votes I voted for Ferrari, but in reality is really hard to guess at this moment...
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    2010 F1 Car Launches Thread

    looking good! the front wing is much more impressive than last year's car
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    SILLY SEASON 2009/2010

    pay-drivers are not new and I don't see a big problem there, normally they will just fill a smaller team second seat!? and even Schumacher had his first race as a pay-driver, his sponsor payed for his seat, in the case o Petrov originally they were saying that "gazprom" would pay the 15mi but it...
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    Mass Effect 2

    great game, but I think ME1 is better in many aspects, there is a bit more of exploration, also, where is the inventory?! where is the crouch button!? but now I need to wait for ME3 :(