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    Hammond's boots

    Thanks for the tips, but I've run down the dubarry road, and I do not believe that they are the pair in question.
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    Hammond's boots

    My mistake, I took another picture and edited it in:
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    [03x03] November 2nd, 2010

    Bruce still doesn't do a good job with the guest segment, but I thought the three of them together have good chemistry.
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    James May's Man Lab

    James is great James is great James (like LBJ in cleveland) really needs a supporting cast. The show really can't get straight whether they want these miscellaneous characters to be part of the show, or just stagehands. Man Lab needs to leave them out unless they actually develop them as...
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    [15x01] June 27th, 2010

    18:48 - 19:33 - Helicopter / Freddy runs "Green zone"
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    Hammond's boots

    I want to get my TG obsessed friend a pair of shoes, and I remembered Hammond's boots from the lotus elan/tvr/jensen film were pretty good looking. Can anyone help me identify them? I have a bad picture of them, but its the best I can do. Any feedback is appreciated (style/distinguishing...
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    You are a god.