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    5th gear, when does it start?

    According to the channel five website Fifth Gear will be back October 9th :thumbsup:
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    Wish Tiff went back to Top Gear?

    Tiff vs. The Stig Tiff vs. The Stig I know this may start off a firestorm, but who would win, the Stig or Tiff in a race around a neutral track (one in which neither one has driven on) using the same car, say a Lotus Exige or something to that effect?
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    [05x02] October 31st, 2004

    I know this post is about 4 months after the last post so I doubt anybody will read it but I just have to say that JC is horrifically wrong about the electronic "nannies". There are buttons on every single one of those cars that can turn the traction control off and make the car respond to your...
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    [07x03] April 4th, 2005

    Tracker Down Tracker Down I've been trying to download the last two episodes of 5th gear and it won't work. I keep getting a "Tracker Down" error. I'm using Shareaza as a downloader. If anybody has any suggestions they'd be greatly appreciated. -Alex PS- GREAT WEBSITE!!!!!!!