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  • Oh my lord, such growedupness!

    Yes, still in Oz, albeit on the other side of the continent than Perth. You may also be interested in the CX3 ;)

    And Happy Birthday!!!
    wow, busy busy.

    Ja, still maaaaaaaaaaaaadaering, when it isn't in at the smash repairers because people around me have forgotten how to park :glare:
    Wow. Nice metal! Bet you're having fun with some freedom!

    :( sadly no Zonda as yet. But the Mazda is still going strong. There are even pics in Post Your Car thread (somewhere)
    Oh, okay lol. Thanks! I stopped off at a lake today to take some shots and haven't had a chance to Flickr them yet, but you can see a few on my Merc C240 thread.
    Well, I guarantee your place is still larger than ours. My bathroom is the same size as my bedroom!

    What do you mean?
    If you can't have a car couch, maybe you want one of these:


    Hey, I'm just saying... it'd be a lot of fun!

    Anyway, I know you like checking out some of my pics. I uploaded some new pics from Florida, Colorado, and England to Flickr if you want to check out some culture. :)
    I know why you don't post anymore. That exam/GF excuse was just a cover-up wasn't it? You're planning to take over the UK just so you could live there! Think the global financial crisis, I saw you, you hijacked Wall Street just so you could decrease the popularity of our politicians. Well I tell you it didn't work, Gordon Brown's now more popular! Yes, that is saying something. And you didn't get David Cameron either. You've been plotting haven't you...

    Just joking.:p
    why is santa bringing me an M3? (not that I'll say no if it lands on my drive of course)
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