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    Random F1 pictures

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    The Australian music appreciation thread!

    My own personal anthem
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    Gran Turismo 5

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    Gran Turismo 5

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    Counter strike: Source or Day of defeat: Source?

    CS:S, only because of the continued support by valve and all the user created maps and game modes. DoD on the other hand, only has 5 offical maps IIRC and it has retarded recoil.
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    The "Happy Birthday!" Thread

    Happy Birthday ME! Im now 18 years old, and since i live in the greatest country in the world (Australia), that means i can legally drink alcohol, buy cigarettes (though i dont smoke) and vote (compulsory)
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    Thanks niccce, You are now my own personal Jesus Christ.:mrgreen:
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    If someone gives me an invite I will love them long time:D
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    Would anyone like to see TopGear visit Australia?

    I resent this statement. We are not racist rednecks, our state just happens to be full of greenies that protest any new developments into submission, thus we all live in tree houses.
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    Looking for a New case or These are the cases i'd go for. I lile the looks of the 830 more but the 832 has more features for the same price. (Price in AUD)
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    Guess the mod

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    Can sony actually fit any more nails in the PS3's coffin?

    This one song can sum up this entire thread
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    For anyone who doesn't know who the stig is.

    No, he was expertly crafted by Enzo Ferrari and Nigel Mansell's eye brow/s. He is motorsport personified.
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    For anyone who doesn't know who the stig is.

    His heart is actually a quad turbocharged W16, his liver is a V8 and his testicles are turbocharged flat sixes.:P