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    [04x04] September 24th, 2013

    interesting to see them taking on land barges, not so much for Adam. but the bit I enjoyed the most was Tanner's Corvette review. it's like a live action Gran Turismo replay.
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    [04x03] September 17th, 2013

    frankly, I don't see how the bottom pic can make the sequence more interesting than it already was? I guess this is why I never gotten in to instagram. from a filming standpoint, season 2 and up were far improvements from season 1. but I don't watch shows or movies based on "artsy"...
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    [04x04] September 24, 2013

    gee...I wonder who's going to drive the new Corvette...? :rolleyes:
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    [04x03] September 17th, 2013

    this is easily, my favorite episode of the entire series. I love rally racing and a huge fan of Global Rally Cross. in fact, i'm watching the episode again right now. 10/10
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    What challenges/races would you like to see on future episodes?

    America's Best Compact Truck with the Big 3 concentrating more on their full-size models, the guys take a Ranger, Dakota, Chevy S10/Colorado to see if they can be better than the import alternative. or... America's Best Japanese Compact (Mid-sized) Truck the guys take brand new compact...
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    [04x01] September 3rd, 2013

    as a Salvadorian and American, I am too... I got to say, this has been their most impressive season opener, yet. for a 3000 mile roadtrip in an hour time frame, it was well executed. but I agree that, eventually, they will need to do a 90 minute special one day. 10/10
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    Random Thoughts [Top Gear USA Edition]

    anyone else annoyed that History's daily programming consist of 90% of Pawn Star reruns...?
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    TGUS Season 4 is "coming soon"

    go complain to the BBC, see what happens....
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    TGUS Season 4 is "coming soon"

    Adam Ferrara posted on his facebook today saying he is meeting up with Rut and Tanner to film season 4.
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    The show is becoming predictable

    Them ruining cars really isn't going to affect the population of each car they destroy. As an admitted Corolla enthusiast, Tanner destroying an AE86 Corolla SR5 to prove a point of durability isnt as bad as the bunch of teenagers around the country who buy an Eight-Six Corolla GT-S and drive it...
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    [03x16] April 2, 2013

    All the more reason to watch.
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    Random Thoughts [Top Gear USA Edition]

    More than likely, if this is true, most of the old hangers will be torn down, including the Top Gear hanger. But the field itself is rented to other production companies and events that require test tracks. As much as I like the idea of Top Gear having their HQ at El Toro, it doesnt seem like...
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    The show is becoming predictable

    Honestly, what is wrong with doing challenges the UK has done, if you're going to blindly assume that all the US has done is "copy and paste", which they haven't. What is the point of you trying to convince fans of both show that the US can't do what the UK has done. They're produced by the SAME...