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    Top Gear America - Coming Fall 2019 To

    Nice. I just signed up for a streaming service that carries this channel. :)
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    [03x11] March 21, 2019 - Sea to Unsalty Sea

    "Does Hammond eat like a 4 year old? How can you hate fish?!" Hating fish, and all seafood for that matter, is easy. I don't eat it; I can't even stand the smell of it. And where I live is considered a seafood mecca!
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    Episode with a race where Hammond suggests a Le Man's Start (standing start)

    Series 18, Episode 7. Rallycross cheaper than golf.
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    [2x11] - February 16, 2018 - Feed the World

    It's my understanding this wasn't supposed to be the "special", just a regular episode. It somehow became the "special" by default when the real "special", the one they just finished filming in Colombia a couple of weeks ago, was delayed due to Richard's accident and Jeremy's pneumonia.
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    [02x06] January 12, 2018 - Jaaaaaaaags

    Given the events in Switzerland, I thought the James-going-over-the-cliff scene was in poor taste. Other than that, this was an absolutely hilarious episode. I even enjoyed the celebrity bit. Gee, I wonder why?:D
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    [02x03] December 22nd, 2017 - Bah Humbug-atti

    The Stinger segment was supposed to be Richard's, but because of the accident he couldn't do it. He always did the "car vs. something that's not a car races" on TG. And always did them quite well, IMHO.
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    Season 2 Trailer - Starts Dec 8th

    I'm starting to wonder if Ben is coming back to the boys. He's been tweeting actively the last few days about the driver auditions. I'd love to see him back. I don't know how Jeremy would feel about it.
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    Season 2 The Sunday Times Exclusive

    Nope, he's 47 for another 4 weeks.:D
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    Spoilers: Season 2 spoilers

    A car vs. public transport race in New York?! Hmm...
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    Hammond vs May can't find race

    It's on the "Top Gear: Apocalypse" DVD. The segment is about how to make racing exciting with only 2 cars involved. And it's very funny.
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    Richard Hammond 'injured in motorbike crash'

    Surviving one horrendous crash in a lifetime is incredible, but surviving two? Unbelievable.
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    Richard Hammond 'injured in motorbike crash'

    Could have been a lot worse, of course, but how is a fractured knee not a "serious injury"?
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    What's the episode

    Thank you! I know what I'll be watching later!
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    What's the episode

    Richard and James as back seat passengers, being driven by Stig, trying to determine the best handling car. I can't for the life of me find it on my list. Thanks.
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    May and Hammond have a competition building Lego cars while taking shots of not-vodka

    Nothing against Jeremy, but I love to see Richard and James work together. They have such a great bond. They always seem to enjoy each other's company. Well, almost always.:)