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    [21x03] February 16th, 2014

    I hope James throwing the dove out the window was just another fake stunt and not for real.
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    I've had every single iPhone, and every iPad but the iPad 2. The only time I've ever cracked a screen is a corner impact on a stone gravel parking lot.
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    It's great when driving, or in a meeting where it's extremely rude to pull out and unlock your phone.
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    Awesome Thread

    Probably also frame interpolation in between and image processing has gotten much better at picking up objects in space. I've seen broadcasts remove players from the field so you can concentrate on the highlighted play/player. They pioneered this in the 2000 Super Bowl. Painful memories :(
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    Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

    Sony heard you...
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Well that's a mixed metaphor! That car would be filled with 50s sock-hoppers and greasers, not hippies. Hippies liked the VW Bug and VW Van.
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    Dad's best/coolest car

    Ugh, my mom had that in green. I still remember the odd smell of the Ford plastics and carpeting/adhesive chemicals, and the prancing lions everywhere. And the horizontal linear speedometer. The steering wheel was hardly even connected to the front wheels. You could fit smaller fingers into...
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    Idiots + cars = LOL

    That's why the parking lot and assembly area have to be enough of a challenge to weed them out ;)
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    It was the same kind of garbage they would fill the gaps with between the chrome non-integrated bumpers and the body when looking down from a standing positon... Reminded me of bathroom rubberware. Memory was it got uv faded and cracked within 8 years.
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    It was just a few years ago people said the same about C3 Corvettes and 2nd gen Camaros.
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    If I do buy music (I'll admit the temptation is there via torrents or what) I'll buy the CD so I can make a lossless FLAC/ALAC rip and store the original as a backup in a box in the basement. But the numbers have severely gone down over the years. If/when iTunes/Amazon/et al do lossless I...
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    Being the family "tech guy", it comes down to this: People who don't completely wrap their lives in tech can't be bothered with ripping and syncing and charging, whereas they can comprehend putting a disc in a slot. My brother in law and my wife are two good examples. My wife just can't be...
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    Top Gear The Worst Car in The History of The World DVD & Blue-ray

    Wondering if anybody's had luck on this -- tried a UK proxy, et al, but can't redeem the code. I suppose I can create a 2nd account but I'd love to have it show.
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    Top Gear The Worst Car in The History of The World DVD & Blue-ray

    They made a point to show the address on the car's invoice and made no effort to blur it, I'm sure that's a nugget, perhaps Bill Oddie's address, who knows. Also the top on the Mustang was up when they first snuck in and was down when they "stole" it.
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    Top Gear The Worst Car in The History of The World DVD & Blue-ray

    So, does this mean no stand-alone Clarkson DVD this year? That's the first time since around 1994.