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    [02x14] March 20th, 2012

    It was staged to look fake. That is the only explanation that makes sense.
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    [18x03] February 12th, 2012

    I gave the episode a 5 because because it barely made the grade an entertainment programme, much less one of Top Gear's standard, and then added 5 because of the noise the XFR makes. A real pity I will never get to see one ever in my country.
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    [02x08] September 18, 2011

    And this is why TG US will never feel free to push the envelope as far as TG UK because the debate/criticism will happen before the show instead of the other way around.
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    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    Finished all my required deliveries for my Obstetrics rotation! Also, life is a very messy affair, starting from birth.
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    R.I.P. Lieutenant47 aka James Stouffer

    My condolences to is family, and those on FG who knew him.
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    Car (and Motorcycle) register

    I have a 2000 Perodua Kancil 650 cc, which is basically a modified Daihatsu Mira. Dad bought it as a kind of a panic buy when the fuel price doubled (and the corolla was getting kinda expensive to maintain). I daresay I have the smallest-displacement engine car on the forum :p...
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    Lol I remember this thread! are you a member there too? BTW you probably have seen it already...

    Lol I remember this thread! are you a member there too? BTW you probably have seen it already but the buttpage is full of hilarous stories complete with pics
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    Questions game

    but what if he is?
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    Misquote the person above you

    Have you seen my phone?
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    Kill a dream

    Granted! But every time you use magic foul-smelling diarrhoea spews out from your behind. I wish I had a Bentley Arnage T24 Mulliner
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    Fuel prices in your country

    In Fiji: Price control so same everywere Unleaded: FJD 2.13 per litre Diesel: FJD 1.78 per litre No high-octane petrol
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    Our own motoring-related videos

    Dammit double post. Here's a laptop stand that reminds me of boobies instead:
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    Our own motoring-related videos

    The built in mic was picking up wind noise. Trouble it, its only 7mm away from the lens aperture and I have no idea how to screen out the wind noise.
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    Take us for a drive in your country

    Bula fron Fiji. Following is a drive along a backroad heading towards the capital city, at about 3pm. It starts in a forest reserve, then goes through semi-rural area, then through suburbs and finishes just as were approaching the urban area.
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    Our own motoring-related videos

    Short vid of me driving on a back road, mostly to test my filming rig which consists of a cheap iPod Nano knock-off, a binder clip and a rubber band! My rig: