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    Top Gear demotivators

    The words ambitious but rubbish come somewhat to mind but... And no offence to anyone and that.
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    Post a pic of yourself

    n00b pic. I didn't have the old geekspecs on 'cause the colours in that room with the t-shirt practically blinded me. But that's extraneous information, yes?
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    Cop tasers 10yo girl for refusing to go to bed

    I agree with that. That's a stupid, idiotic thing to call out the police out for. Not the most stupid thing but seriously :blink: more than a bit OTT.
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    5 freedoms you'd lose in health care reform

    Stereotypes are psychological fail, basically. But that's basic Psychology. Anyway, there is things that I may have misunderstood about American politics but the thing is I never seem to bump into - in my mad meanderings in the superinformation highway - a vaguely progressive, moderate...
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    UK to appoint "Pirate Finder General" - Jack Sparrow still at large.

    Half the time, I can rarely see the difference between Labour and the Tories which is sad. And it's pretty bad if Boris Johnson - one of the few Tories I like, for reasons unknown to myself - makes perfect sense.
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    Random Thoughts....

    This website is too procrastination-friendly. XD
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    president van rompuy

    Well, at least it isn't Tony Blair. I suppose that's one good thing. And he seems relucant. Usually, if politicians are eager for power, it's a bad sign. So, I dunno on this one. I'm still largely undecided on the whole issue. Although, you have to say that he's done a bally good job.
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    No more free JC articles from next year - The Times will charge for online usage

    Well, it's a bit silly. What will happen is that - 1. People will use the freebie website news - even if it is a bit...rubbish. 2. The online paper will earn less and less money. 3. People will start dishing out snaffled versions of the columns wanted. I mean, I have bought the Guardian a...
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    Doctor Who

    It's brilliant. Although...
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    H1N1 vaccine: are you getting it?

    I'm not getting it because I never take up my flu injections. Because it's injections and they have never offered the nasal spray. And it may be foolish but I would rather die than get injections. As for their content: it's just like any other flu vaccine which (when I was still living at...
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    UK to appoint "Pirate Finder General" - Jack Sparrow still at large.

    This sounds a bit ropey. I have heard about cutting the internet access bit but it's frankly impossible to stop someone who downloads illegally to...stop. Yeah, you can cut off the Internet at one place but the Internet is a pool of ones and zeros of which can be snaffled at any given moment...
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    Word association game

    Motley Crue.
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    Hello! My name is Joan...sort of. It's a rather long and relatively pointless story but that's what my digital name has become and keeping things in neat boxes is rather important to me so I'm sticking with that from now until I kick the bucket (unless it's a Matrix situation or it turns out...