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    2011 Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

    I'm currently 20 km away from the Hungaroring, and it's been raining all day in Budapest. The local forecast says there will be showers on Friday and Saturday too, but there's also a small chance of rain on Sunday. Maximum temperature is supposed to be 24-25 Celsius, but right now I'm freezing...
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    2011 Formula 1 Gro?er Preis Santander von Deutschland

    I loved the race, I didn't even miss the rain. Great job by Hamilton, he definitely deserved this one, but a decent race by Alonso too. I'm pretty sure this was a one-off by Vettel and he'll be back in Hungary. Not necessarily with a win though. Sutil deserves a mention, well done! Looking...
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    2011 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Yeah, he got into F1 at a very unfortunate time, in the middle of Renault's crashgate, the team was basically falling apart, getting worse by every race, and of course he had Alonso as his team mate - which doesn't really help if you want to make a good impression in F1. I'd give him another...
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    2011 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Maybe Bernie gave Lotus a hint that he wanted to see an Indian driver at the Indian GP, and that's why they try Chandhok out? ;)
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    2011 Formula 1 Gro?er Preis Santander von Deutschland

    I hope it'll rain, even though the races are exciting enough this year, I always get excited like a little kid when I see that the race is going to be wet. :D But hopefully Charlie will let them race now, instead of endless SC and red flag periods.
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    What Form of Motorsport Would You Compete in?

    None. I'd be too scared. :lol: But if I had to choose, then something like the Dakar rally.
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    Final Harry Potter movie about to enter theaters -- The end of an era?

    One thought about Harry Potter: it obviously gets darker and darker by every book, and the movies - I don't think the last parts are made for children! My point is that I started reading it at 11, and I was 18 when the last book came out. I became a more grown up, more mature person so I could...
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    Age difference in a relationship

    I have a friend who is 13 years younger than her ex-boyfriend, they were 20 and 33 at the time they met. Their relationship was really good, they loved each other, they were happy for about a year. Then her boyfriend started to talk about starting a family. He was 34, a grown-up man with a good...
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    What's the nicest thing a stranger's ever done for you?

    Looking back as a 21-year-old it's not a big deal, but kind of a cute story I guess :lol: I was 6 years old, and I had a favourite a stuffed toy, a small pig. I'd had it for years and I was carrying it with me literally everywhere, I wouldn't leave the house without that pig, not even for a walk...
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    2011 Formula 1 Gro?er Preis Santander von Deutschland

    1) What do you think the race podium will look like? Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton 2) Will the revert on the engine map rules have any affect on the standings in the front? Will McLaren be back up there again? I'm not sure if it's due to the rules, but I guess Red Bull will be better than last...
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    People who don't seem capable of uttering a sentence without adding at least one swear word.
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    Hey everyone - as you can see, I'm not exactly a new member here with my 1000-and-something posts, but I haven't been present for a long time (due to laziness/lack of time/other usual excuses), but now I've started to miss this forum again, so once again I would like to join this community - and...
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    2010 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix

    I was worried that they would not continue the race after those first 3 laps, but good thing they did, it turned out to be pretty interesting after all. :) Congrats to Alonso, I think he did the best he could with that Ferrari to be able to capitalize on Red Bull's mistakes. I'm sorry for...
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    2010 Endurance Racing Thread (Le Mans, LMS, AmLMS, AsLMS, whatever)

    I was there at the Hungaroring as a spectator on Saturday and Sunday and it was an awesome experience. Watching the cars go round on a fully dark track, it was much more spectacular than I had expected! Also the sound of the engines (Aston's GT2 car was brutal) and everything... one of the best...
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    Weird Dreams Thread

    Here's my weirdest dream ever, happened (in my mind :D) a few weeks ago: I was sitting with my brother in a building similar to a cinema or a theatre, I just know it was very big, there was a large audience and Adolf Hitler was giving us a lecture about something. In addition, every person...