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    Polish Airshow Crash

    shit happens poor pilots
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    So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

    What a nice read! Thanks Blind_Io. Heres how those dolphins do the mullet fishing behavior, its pretty awesome footage! There is some even better footage off the Blue Planet series I believe, but this is still good.
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    Bush Hates Motorcycle Cops

    weird shit. I may be wrong, but maybe he was looking off the road for suspicious things and then crashed? but even that seems unreasonable. Poor fellow and condolences to his family.
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    Colbert Report/ NY Times Idea

    Eh, i'd rather not spend my time planning terrorist attacks. I'd rather be doing something much more productive like reading a science fiction novel. Or sketching something interesting. Basically I feel that to plan terrorist attacks isn't a bad thing. It is simply creative thinking, except...
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    Who Killed the Electric Car

    I was going to respond to all the rumors, but I found somebody off the edmunds website who responded to all of them and I decided that it was a good response. So thank you prm2000 for saving me a little time! I would just like to comment that the limited range of the EV1 was part of the...
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    Who Killed the Electric Car

    Has anyone seen the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car?" Pretty interesting movie. I'm not much for the whole blame game the movie puts on the oil companies, GM, and others. But i'm mainly for the whole point that 90% of Americans and probably Europeans too only travel 29 miles per day. And...
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    Mini cooper

    you are driving a loaner. I think every time our family drove a loaner there was something funky about it. Especially since my father liked to drive like a maniac since it wasn't really our car :)
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    Women sport

    The quality of the play of Tennis is actually quite comparable to men's Tennis. Even though there is a rule of thumb for tennis that the #1 woman pro and the #50 man pro are about equal, the speed relative to how fast women can run compared to how hard they hit is about equal with respect to...
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    Hammond Potter And The Clutch Of Secrets

    This should now be officially an awesome .gif thread to Beanface:
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    EU to ban sports cars?

    Top scientists? The people certainly aren't the top scientists, but they are made to seem like top scientists by the way they are introduced. I'm sorry Spectre, you are exaggerate like the people who made the program. Martin Dunkin, the director of "The Great Global Warming Swindle" has too...
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    EU to ban sports cars?

    I agree with you Deanodriver that we won't be able to return to the 18th Century levels, but I am optimistic that we can level our c02 levels within the next 100 years. I know it will not be easy, but the good news is it is feasible. By using the elements the earth has provided coupled with...
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    EU to ban sports cars?

    Those are ice core samples And no, breathing is not the issue here. And it is properly called global climate change. Mainly because the fluctuations from the climate cause hots and colds
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    Amazing picture, but has everyone seen it?

    yep, that looks about right, Hockenheim oh, I forgot to mention that is an awesome pic. What's the Cayenne doing at the back, and where is the F-40? i'm picky :)
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    EU to ban sports cars?

    well what do you suggest we use then? C02 is a bi-product of many energy sources that all humans use e.g. cars, coal power plants, oil power plants. Haven't we created many cars, coal and oil power plants for the last 100 years? Hasn't there been a sharp increase of c02 levels over the last...