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    [12x06] December 7th, 2008

    Really great show probably the best ever. :cool:
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    NBC Announces January 2009 Schedule

    Well I was curious how Top Gear USA would be now it seems it's not gonna happen ....... a pitty really. :cry:
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    BMW M5

    E39 closely followed by the E34. :cool: The E28 looks to old and the E60 although technically brilliant is FUGLY. :P
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    Oh god I wish some of these morons had less free time on their hands. :P
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    Which Mercedes? (slow internet warning-pics)

    The SSK. ok it's not as reliable as the SL, but a lot more rarer then a modern Merc. A SL Black suggest a shitload of cash and a racing attitude eg a lot of nouveau riche. A SSK on the other hand suggest real passion and Style IMHO. :D
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    [01x07] November 10th, 2008

    I think this episode was not as well as it could be. And next week Holden vs Ford (AGAIN)!! What's the point they done that already. I really Ask myself if it's worth the 700MB download. :mad:
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    Mitsubishi EVO X FQ400 Confirmed!

    I hope there is a gas station after you've done 1-100 in 3,5 sec, because you'll gonna need it. :P but it is indeed a stunning car. The previous Evo's had always to small fuel tanks I hope this one is different though, but I'm afraid that won't be the case. :(
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    Top Gear Russia

    not the cultural differences but the Russian language. :P If there will be downloads of this series than please with subtitles. :|
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    Top Gear Russia

    There is one little problem with top gear Russia: I don't speak Russian. :cry:
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    BMW X1 Concept (Get the Vomit Bags Ready)

    No they go to the dealer and say can I please get an ugly SUV (if you can call it such). :P dealer: yes sir you've got the choice of two cars this little one and the X6 Customer: No the X6 is much to big give me the small one.
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    Autoblog: Paris Preview: Lamborghini teases new mystery car

    Nice car can't wait to hear what it is capable of (top speed, acceleration) one thing is certain though it will no be cheap. :P
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    BMW X1 Concept (Get the Vomit Bags Ready)

    Oh god that's ugliest BMW ever the only BMW that can compete with this is the X6. God what a awful car ....... :cry:
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    No 56k: Koenigsegg CCXR - Tissue and Vasoline optional

    Wow pure pornography in motion. Me want one (or two). :drool:
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    Paris: Lexus IS250C

    Ok he says Toyota is boring So the Toyota Supra, Celica, Mr2, etc are also boring?? God what a humbug.:? And Lexus has no character test drive a ISF and you'll be surprised
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    [01x02] October 6th, 2008

    It was indeed a lot better then the last episode, but there is still much to improve and the track....... well I still want a layout, because it's still confusing. :P