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    What's that song...sadness.

    Yeah, I sadly thought that would be the case, too. Also, the amount of time it would just take to go over all the seasons again in a huge lump, instead of spread out like when they originally's just so much all at the same time. I've had some luck tracking down a few of the new songs...
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    What's that song...sadness.

    I love Top Gear, and have been watching it for a while. Recently, I noticed that most all of it is on Netflix and have been going through and watching all my favourites again. Numerous times I have jumped online to try and hunt down the soundtrack list used in episodes, and of course that led me...
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    [12x01] November 2nd, 2008

    I was just watching this on Netflix, I'm not sure if the Netflix version matches with these times, but right before the GT2 and Gallardo race begins the music stops at 5:18. Then, when the flag goes down the music starts again at 5:20...the song that plays at 5:20 is NOT "The Last Race". I'm...
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