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    Just testing

    testing?... :/
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    News: Top Ten Worst Selling Cars In America, 2010 Edition

    There's actually quite a few around here in Vancouver, BC... maybe because we have a lot of unmetered street parking? Or maybe because back when I bought it the federal government gave a $2000 rebate and the provincial government refunded the sales tax on Smart cars because of their fuel...
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    News: Top Ten Worst Selling Cars In America, 2010 Edition

    Heh... since I have one, I'll throw in my anecdotal response! I lived downtown, don't ever need to carry much stuff... and, yes, it was my first car and I didn't really know much about cars when I bought it. And it was cute. :rolleyes: It's still fine for almost all of my car needs, and it's...
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    News: Top Ten Worst Selling Cars In America, 2010 Edition

    In my experience the problem with highway driving in the Smart car isn't the top speed; it's the acceleration. I can easily cruise at 120kph / 75mph in our 2008 model (and presumably faster too, but speed limits here aren't high enough to find out), but getting there takes a while. Just...
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    Canadian viewers?

    Eh, the Lambos maybe. I think Lotus cars are a bit stripped down for that market segment. The other Lotus drivers I know here have them mostly for driving (at the track and/or out on the twisties). I haven't seen any Lambos out at Mission or autocross yet. I think people assume that because...
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    James new face of London Pride beer

    Huh, I watched the ads and thought, I'll have to try that next time I'm in England, but I never even thought to look for it locally... lo and behold, BC Liquor Stores carry it! Guess I'll have to pick some up after work... :cheers:
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    Hello world! Almost exactly one year ago I met a guy with a license plate saying "IM STIG" and had no clue what it was referring to. Of course, once introduced to the show I had to find and watch them all... I'm (not so patiently) waiting for the next season, enjoying the nice spring driving...