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    The Android thread

    Thanks, the AI is actually very simple, but some people have said that it seems too difficult. I guess I should have added a couple of difficulty levels.
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    The Android thread or search android market for Connect Five. QR Code: It's my first app, made mostly to learn Android. Currently trying to think of some new and more original stuff to do next.
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    The Android thread

    Has anyone tried out my game? It's pretty good for what it is I think, try to beat the AI, haven't found any big faults with it so far, although I'm not that great at it. Would really like some feedback.
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    The Android thread

    My app My app Hello Finalgear Android users :) I've been a lurker on this forum for quite a while now, but never really posted because for some reason I don't feel the need to and don't have a lot to say (which is quite wierd because I'm quite the talker in person). I released my first...
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    What's your mobile phone history?

    Nokia 3310 Motorola C550 Samsung X600 Nokia 6030 Nokia E51-2 Really glad I got this, having a smartphone is great, even if it's quite a simple one.
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    Gears Of War 2

    I'm playing through it right now. It's definately a great game, improves on the first one in pretty much every aspect. It's also the most well polished game I played since GTA 4.
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    Show us your Lego!

    The Ferrari is 1:10. Not sure about the silver champion since it's not based on any real car but I believe it's around 1 metre long when built.
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    PC sim racing heaven... coming soon from the makers of GTR and RACE

    You would propably be fine. I'm running it on Windows Vista, 2gb ram, Pentium 4 2.8ghz and 128mb video ram (gefore 6600 gt) and it runs fine. This isn't a very demanding game and on low setting you should be ok. I haven't tested it alot though so you might have problems depending on the number...
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    Rock Band - Error

    The ps3 version of RB doesn't work with the les paul because activision didn't want to give harmonix their drivers so it would work. When you plug in the controller the xbox doesn't recognize it as a guitar and thinks it is a normal controller = microphone, that's why it wants you to sing.
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    'F1' sold for ?440000

    The people who buy these expensive numberplates usually are just someone with alot of money desperatly trying to look cool, but I can see this being an investment in a real estate kind of way or maybe he is just trying to advertise himself.
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    Clarkson prints banks details - then gets fleeced

    :lol: I think he set up an account for this, since I don't think he's stupid enough to give his real details away, but it's more surprising to me that someone actually did something cool with the details :mrgreen:
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    SCOOP: Hummer's Drasticly Lighter H1

    I don't really see the point, but there are some neat things you could do with it, like throwing something really heavy on it :P
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    Details of the new Ferrari F149 confirmed by dealers.

    I'm sure it'll be really good, but it will propably suffer from the same thing that Jeremy always talks about when he's reviewing Porsches. When you'll pull up next to an F430 you'll propably wish you saved abit more money and bought the more expensive model, but I guess there always has to be...
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    The Final Gear Literary Society or... What are you reading right now?

    Not reading any 'proper' books right now I guess, feel like I should, but I just finished reading Quentin Willson's COOL CARS which has all kinds of historically or motoring-wise important cars listen in it, it's not very detailed but a fairly good read and I recommend it if you haven't read...
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    Ok which one of you is responsible for this? (Clarkson for PM petition)

    Well I don't live in the UK so I don't know how bad the current pm is, but I'd bet any money that Clarkson would be the worst politician ever. He's a great dictator, but his views are just too narrow for proper democracy, which, of course, makes him a great tv presenter :D