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    The Diesel discussion thread

    nope, one of the awfully made westmoreland PA ones. so the glues and plastics certainly don't last. hence the lack of headliner and broken reverse light lenses. just shows that regular maintenance of everything makes the car last longer.
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    The Diesel discussion thread

    I have one of those with 500k and it runs like new, which is loud, noisy and smokey. 52HP is a bit unnerving on highway on ramps, but the whole 800km to a tank is great.
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    What car maker are you most angry with?

    Volkswagen - I work at a VW specialty shop, so I get to take apart everything and see how well made it really is, and ever since 1992 VW's have been awful. The mark 3/4 jetta/golf really are garbage. The eurovan is nowhere near as "volkswageny" as the T3. The passat has a million computer...
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    New Drivers + Insurance costs. Plus annoying Driving laws. What's your country like?

    I'm at only $110 in my rabbit, and you only have to do air care in vancouver, this is good because being that my car is a 26 year old diesel, it's not very clean. but i'm fairly happy with icbc, especially compared to the UK and their rates.
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    Top Gear Show/Site Suggestions

    a road trip across the trans Canada. in cars the bought for $300
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    944 vs. 300zx

    so my buddy thinks that the 300zx is a better car then the 944, and thus he is set on buying one for his first car, i think that he is better off to spend his money on a 944 what do you think is the better car?