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    Random Thoughts...[F1 edition]

    Leclerc and Ericsson at Alfa Sauber, concept for livery also shown
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    Avengers Infinity War

    Trailer released yesterday, excited is an understatement but also slightly wary of how they'll make it work with so many characters
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    Last movie you saw?

    Thor Ragnarok in IMAX, Thoroughly enjoyed it, first Thor film have actually seen in the cinema, definitely as reviews have said more of a comedy but works really well, great cast and some phenomenal visual moments. Looking forward to seeing it again
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    Unveiled: Mercedes-AMG Project One

    Can be heard here only briefly at the 7mins mark as it drives onto the stage
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    Last movie you saw?

    Wonder Woman, really enjoyed it best of this new set of DC films. Hopefully they can keep it up for Justice League but I'm doubtful
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    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    saw it yesterday also and absolutely loved it, for me I think potentially as good as the first (despite not having the surprise out of nowhere element). loved the opening credits. cant wait to see it again. Would also highly recommend seeing it in IMAX, I was surprised the number of true IMAX...
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    Movie: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    can't wait for December, the music gives me chills just like the Force Awakens trailer did
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    Movie: Logan

    Saw it last night, incredible film, very gritty doesn't feel like a superhero/comicbook movie at all. can't wait to see it again though
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    Movie: ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story

    Final trailer was released
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    Movie: ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story

    I'm sold, looks like a great break from the traditional feel of the movies, into something darker almost war movie.
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    Random Thoughts...[F1 edition]

    Ferrari tested the 2017 tyres and it looks amazing
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    [23x06] July 3rd, 2016

    Noticed there wasn't a thread for this, know the new Top Gear isn't getting much love. There's a piece of music played at the start of the 911 drag race starts at 40:41 on BBC iPlayer copy. Anyone know what it is? Sound like a recent movie soundtrack but can't quite place it. Edit. 40:41 to...
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    Forza Horizon 3

    Announced at E3 this afternoon, features cross-buy for Xbox One and PC, can also play 4-player co-op between people on Xbox One and PC
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    Movie: Captain America: Civil War

    July 2017
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    Movie: Captain America: Civil War

    saw it at a midnight showing last night. loved it, going to see it again this weekend. I actually liked BvS but Marvel really showed DC how to do a versus movie. Spidey and Black Panther were incredible, cant wait for their standalone movies.