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    Dreaded cyclists

    Prizrak: Actually you can buy and register a car, for example without indicators, and be fully street legal and literally the only requirement for that is that the car was built before those lights became mandatory. If I remember correctly, indicators became mandatory in mid 1950's, Spectre...
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    Dreaded cyclists

    Bicycles do have indicators, and USA seems to follow the international standards of: Hand signals. These are the same hand signals, that the driver is required to use when he is driving a vehicle that does not have signal lights or they are damaged, for example historical cars, motorbikes...
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    Fuel economy, part-time vs. full-time AWD

    Aren't the rear driveline components (rear driveshaft, rear diff, rear half-shafts) in part-time systems usually built from lighter components, because the forces those components experience are much smaller than they are in the full-time systems. Part-time systems only come into play when...
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    The Big Rig thread!

    In finland, there's one way to legally use those american style trucks for pulling semitrailers. About 10 years ago, I saw a sleeper cab Scania T-model pulling a normal 13,6 meter semitrailer and got interested because it was clearly over the 16,5m length limit for the combination. The way he...
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Binky episode 13
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    And here's the restoration thread for that grayscale one
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    Driving licence restrictions Europe

    Around here, if you have C or D license, you have to renew your licence every 5 years. No tests, just have to purchase new card. If you only have B-license, you have to renew it every 15 years. If you drive C1/C/D1/D-class vehicle that is owned by your workplace, you have to have a Driver...
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    the Interceptor's general AUDIO thread

    I have DT990 Pro 250ohm, and an asrock mobo, with ALC1150 for the rear ports, and a NE5532 amp for the front port. I've been using that combo for couple of years now. When using the front NE5532 port, I usually keep the volume around 15-20%, and at around 30% it start to be too loud. For...
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    Headlight aim adjustment on skoda octavia -08 with xenons

    Today I had to drive a skoda octavia -08 with xenon headlights. Those lights were truly badly aimed: Low beam was aimed so low, that it illuminated less than 15 meters, high beams seemed to only illuminate the treetops. I mentioned this to the owner and asked if he had tried to adjust those...
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    Volkswagen is in trouble with just about everybody on the f'ing planet

    So, apparently, now it's 11 million vehicles worldwide with the cheating software.
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Project Binky episode 10.
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    Stupid Driver Stories

    I was waiting in a T-junction with a yield sign. I was sixth car in the line and everyone was going to turn left. At the left, maybe 30 meters from the T-junction, there's an intersection with traffic lights. There was line of cars waiting at the red lights and the end of the queue came just...
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    New patch 0.6H, rebuilt Westhill, no physics or cars. New version of Westhill with additional configurations Full support for open configurations including access roads
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    Rear wheel getting hot on 2007 hyundai sonata.

    It seems that it was just sticking piston that caused all the problems. The refurbished caliber was installed two weeks ago and all the problems have disappeared.
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    Rear wheel getting hot on 2007 hyundai sonata.

    Yeah, no riding on the brake in this case. Now the brake also started to smell. Dad has ordered a refurbished caliber to replace the current one, hopefully that solves the problem. Also, forgot to mention that the car went through MOT inspection in last june, and there were no fault codes...