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    Top Gear Live

    Friday nights show was great but I agree with you Misrabelle, Greg Murphy just seemed to be just standing around for most of the show with very little to do.
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    Australia - Top Gear Advertisment

    They are using old footage of the Stig, its black Stig in the ad.
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    How to change video format

    Hey. Quick question, I have downloaded Top Gear torrents and they have saved in .avi format. Im trying to burn them to a disc but windows movie maker dosent recognise the format. Just wondering if there is a way to change the format from .avi to .wmp in an attempt to burn them. Thanks!
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    Top Gear Live Aus Tour

    My tickets havent come through yet either. Richmondgal about accomodation I dont think youll get something around Olympic Park for less than $100 a night but last time I stayed at the Formula One motel in Olympic Park and for 3 of us I think it was about $140. Its a basic room,TV, aircon but is...
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    Top Gear Live Aus Tour

    Just wondering has anyone recieved their tickets yet? As ticketek had it online as saying that they were going to be sent out from the 12th Nov but am still waiting for them.
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    Top Gear Live Aus Tour

    Not sure how to get the paddock passes but do remember seeing that area last time. The paddock passes could have be given to media reps as well as being given out to companies that were providing cars etc for the show which they may have given out to some of their employees and their families to...
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    Mum just saw a ad on channel nine for Top Gear. All it says though is coming soon. They're getting in early with the advertising for it.
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    Top Gear Live Aus Tour

    Or theres the Formula 1 motel not far, bout 5 mins walk. Its reasonably priced, cheaper than the novatel. We stayed there last time along with a few other Top Gear fans.
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    Top Gear Live Aus Tour

    My magazine was late again (as it is most months) missing the start of presale. But still got decent tickets for the Friday 8pm show today so cant complain. :)
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    Torrent Format

    I renemed it like you said and it worked! Thanks for your help.
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    Torrent Format

    Ive just downloaded the torrent of Top Gear 13x02 from the mininova link and have played it on the computer fine only to find out that its not in an avi. format. Its coming up as a file only. Ive downloaded it twice now just to make sure the 1st download wasnt the problem but both downloads are...
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    Series 2 on SBS

    SBS has just finshed showing series 2, all eps were shown. They wern't the uncut versions though as its shown on SBS over an hour with commercials. Some eps had the news, can't remember exactly if all of them had the news shown in them but I don't remember seeing the greatest car in the world...
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    How did you pop your Top Gear cherry?

    The first time Id ever watched it was when the caravan holiday episode was on. Loved that episode and decided to keep watching it regurally.
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    James May: Oz And James's Big British Adventure

    Great show! Agree that 30 mins just isnt enough. Cant wait for next weeks ep.
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    Can someone please put a santa hat on my pic?