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    Ringmeet 2019 - Taking in US refugees!

    Here's my annual message on the forums to inform you that money from the Adu's has been transferred as well :D
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    Ringmeet 2019 - Taking in US refugees!

    We'll probably do Thu-Mo this year, and are considering joining the group again, instead of camping inside the camping's barrier. Will be there with the two young ladies, our big family tent, the Clio and some rental. Although our plans about camping (where on the campgrounds and for how long)...
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    Finalgear Ringmeet 2017: Holyshit, has it been ten years already?

    Just sent some money your way Thomas, added some for Maud as well. I know you said you would not count her, but I'm guessing she'd at least be counted as a participant at the camp site... And if not, well, some extra funds for ringmeet :)
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    Ownership Verified: My wife's new shopping trolley (2014 Clio)

    Because Dacia... :rolleyes: And I think they might have actually WALKED the car to the dealer. Took a month to get there after production was completed... - - - Updated - - - It looks better IRL than it does on the pics And speaking of pics, I have to credit my sweet 5-year old for making...
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    FinalGear Ringmeet 2013: 9-11 August

    Hmm, it's not about knowing the answers, it's about having a fun time... Seriously, I've seen the questions AND answers up front. But if I'd have been participating instead of judging, I would STILL only have gotten 2 answers right... :lol:
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    FinalGear Ringmeet 2013: 9-11 August

    Sure... Whilst letting your wife do the dirty job... :shakefist:
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    The Music Thread

    Ever since I was a little girl. Dad used to have some cd's and somehow he was always mysteriously missing the Seventh One album... :angel: :lol:
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Baby is due May 1st. Although I'm really hoping s/he'll come sometime today... Baby'll have to hurry up though, to be born today. I don't see it happening anymore :( (Poor Adu, now he's stuck at work all day, with nothing really left to do, waiting for some news that Adu Jr. has decided it's...
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Being Adunaphel's wife, I'm in this pic too! Oh, how moderate my belly looks in this pic, compared to its size now... (For the smartasses among us... I'm the one on the left :rolleyes: :P)
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    Adunaphel will be delighted to see this message... ;) Some people may already (sort of) know me as 'mrs. Adu'. I'm the one who's (still) carrying his child, hopefully not for long anymore though! Adu's been trying to get me registered here for ages now, and finally I decided I really had...