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    McGuinness and Flintoff announced as new hosts

    I think you are right and that would explain why they chose two new host's that like you said, are not really mainstream outside of the of the UK, TG is going to go back to being a British car show, and there is nothing wrong with that, I think BBC knows their cash cow has finally dried up .
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    Spoilers: Season 3 Spoilers
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    Matt LeBlanc leaving Top Gear

    Honestly, not all that interesting or shocking really, I can only imagine how hard it got juggling filming TG and his sitcom( that got renewed).
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    Top Gear UK new season

    Cant wait, just not looking forward to another Ken Block piece, ugg, oh well.
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    [2x11] - February 16, 2018 - Feed the World

    Hmm, for me the weakest of S2.
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    Top Gear UK new season

    Looking forward to it, I love having two car-ish shows to watch, cant wait.
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    [02x04] December 29, 2017

    I think is going to be the worst of the Series 2, while I enjoyed some bits of it, but the unscripted bit felt , more scripted then the actual scripted show The Mclaren bit was very, lackluster, I enjoy the Hampsters reviews, so I dont know , I think it was the car
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    [02x05] January 5, 2018

    Overall I enjoyed it.
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    [02x06] January 12, 2018 - Jaaaaaaaags

    Really good episode, solid 8 from me.
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    [2x07] It's a gas, gas, gas

    What a bloody brilliant episode, it was Top Gear of old.
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    [02x02] December 15, 2017, CrzRsn special

    This felt like classic TG then it did TGT
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    [02x01] December 8, 2017

    Its nice to have the boys back, I am giving this a 9 just because they are back, well, 8 and the extra 1 for JC saying "we're back". This felt like TG of old, it just felt like an old comfortable pair of whatever is old a comfortable. I am going out on a limb here and say that if they had...
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    The Grand Tour may not be touring this year

    Not gonna bother me in the least, and kind of happy to be honest, I know the show is about touring , but it's a UK show so I kind of like the idea of the tent segments being all done in the UK
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    Top Gear USA is back from the dead and headed to BBC America

    They do have another project in the works, but that came after I believe filming had already started for this new version of TGA, as to why BBC didnt hire them, all we can do is guess at this point, there could of been a none compete clause , but that would be odd since BBC owns Top Gear and...
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    New TGUS on BBC America: Episode 1

    It was hard to watch, the studio segments are the worst part, I skipped the whatever they are calling it Start in a car segment, the Raptor film felt like a commercail, the NSX film was decent-ish, but nothing to write home about and did not offer anything new the other shows covered. I am...