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    Random F1 pictures

    If you serve me a steak thinner than this, I'll punch you.
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    Pikes Peak 2014 Sad news.
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    Random Thoughts...[F1 edition]

    I always thought Brawn bought the Honda team that he helped develop in 2008...
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    Pikes Peak 2013 Dumas is back.
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    Pikes Peak 2013

    I've heard a lot of people going, "Oh Pikes Peak, it's fully paved now. It's not as scary." My argument to that is it's even more scary now because it's fully paved. Competitors can go flat out now without dirt sections to worry about. There's no compromise when choosing tires or setup.
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    What is Top Gear's best series?

    Same here with 7 and 10 being really close, but I had to go with 7.
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    The Best Top Gear Special of all time?

    1. North Pole 2. Botswana 4. Vietnam 4. Bolivian 5. American Southwest 6. Winter Olympics North Pole is number one for me because it was great entertainment, amazing cinematography, and IMO being in the cold made it that much more challenging for them. No matter how much support they had, you...
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    Which book to buy?

    I enjoyed Clarkson's "I Know You Got Soul."
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    Top Gear In American Again

    First post just for this. Guess I'll have to wear my "I AM THE STIG" t-shirt tomorrow. Quick, someone find out where I can bump into them. I usually don't really care about celebrities, but these 3 are an exception.