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    Fifth Gear is rubbish...

    :thumbsdown: I really don't like this new season. It's was bad last season when they force the people in their fake office to work and iqnore them while they're filming it's even worst this year when they force those people in the restuarant to not look at them when they move around the...
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    [08x06] July 16th, 2006

    I always thought caravans are for cross country trip I never knew people does that. It IS very VERY BORING!!! They did that fire intentionally. I swear I saw Clkson turn up the gas O wheres the Bugatti test?
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    [09x12] July 17th, 2006

    I never like 5th gear that much I just don't know. Except for tom I don't like any of them. The 911 isn't really a good review. The car does looks girly vikis test is uninteresting Tiffs teaching tom is such a rip off and is not doing so good like always I deleted the episode after one fast go
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    The Stig Was Arrested!

    """"""Then you?ve got New Orleans, which, nearly a year after Katrina, is still utterly smashed and ruined. Now I?m sorry but insects can build shelter on their own. Birds can build nests without a state handout. So why are the people of Louisiana sitting around waiting for someone else to do...
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    [08x02] May 14th, 2006

    Whats that background music when richard was racing on ice? it's the 2nd half of music it's this music
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    [08x03] May 21th, 2006

    it the 1st time that I didn't really enjoy a TG ep. The eps are going downhill this season. I don't like the set and I don't get what that dog is there for behind hinting that is the TG version of viki on topgear I hope the next ep would be better
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    [08x02] May 14th, 2006

    hey any of you notice the Hot-Chicks-ILF in the background of these episodes?
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    Fifth Gear's attack on Top Gear

    I would always 5thgear as a back up for topgear. TG is about entertaining and they're good at it 5th is more toward educational and I don't like watching that. I rather watch another car review than those crash test segments. Also 5thgears studio seems fake. notice when they're filming these...
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    new series. will they do the bugatti?

    all these Ultra mega super car company don't want to let them borrow a car for testing because they're worry that their car won't be doing so great on track. I don't think the Bugatti can go aroun the track faster than the Zonda F and the Ferrari must be piss that their Enzo an as fast an let...
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    Jerome Clarkson is a Tranny :)

    Look at this :lol: Looks like clarkson have a double lifestyle :lol: this aint no photoshop either :lol:
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    Vicki's in hose. Very Sexy :)

    here's 2 more shes got too much make up on and I don't know why shes wearing hose with strappy sandals no? But that only leave more for the imagination :thumbsup:
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    Vicki's in hose. Very Sexy :)

    this is the link to the other hose pics Hose and boot and a little fat so hot :thumbsup:
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    Vicki's in hose. Very Sexy :)

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    whens 5th gear back?.

    So when well 5th be back it's almost oct