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  • Thanks for the +rep man. You're the only one so far who's said anything about those images :)
    You better send me that picture of you getting nicked by a speed camera, only if you're dressed in drag and riding the Benly. Anything else will be downright unacceptable. ;)
    It is something I found while doing a Google image search for logos of my favourite NRL team. Their usual badge looks like this-
    Ahhh that's awesome! Did you move for work? It would be a completely awesome culture to live amongst. Not much has happened with me, I'm going back to uni soon, have spent most of my holidays either working or relaxing. I'm hoping to travel to Europe when I finish in 18 months, so that's motivating me to do well!
    Heh, hello! I have been around, I just tend to lurk more than post. This forum is so huge now, I can't keep up! How have you been?
    So, what was the story about holding the torch in the post-your-pic thread? I'm still waiting for it???? :grin:
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