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    Random Thoughts....

    well clearly you need to go back because you dislocated your butt :( ...I am only half joking I have to go at least once a week because such things happen to me a lot
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I have been trying to not be a bother in shop class but it keeps resulting in me disassembling the wrong portion of the car. And then fixing it anyway somehow because ?!?!? Haunted. Ok whatever the important thing is the lights are off. Apparently my dad one time tried to fix mom's bug and it...
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    Kat's Peggy Beetle

    For the beetle update I did a Real repair of replacing the leaky axle yes much nicer
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    Ownership Verified: Katwalk's 2017 Abarth Fiat 500c

    So the whole trying to do two shop classes at once thing has been MOSTLY going well except the fact it is completely my limit and I can barely keep my life functional when trying rip But hey, at least as of today we are finallly at "buff it" for whatever pointy bullshit that stabbed clear...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Is there a specific site that is good for buying like 30 headlight bulbs and fuses <_<
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    Fuel? Where we’re going, we won’t need fuel! ==>NooDle’s eGolf

    I would recommend unplugging it when you start the car because I have one in the beetle and sometimes it gets angry about that. But then again the beetle is obviously very old now so a new VW might not have the issue. It's fine outside of that for me. TBH I have considered looking into seeing if...
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    Something of an impulse buy, walked by a laptop display at BJ's and spotted a 2 in 1 dell inspiron with ryzen 5 stickers for 500$ Not bad for a laptop that also lets me draw directly on the screen instead of having to deal with finicky tablet drivers
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    The Positivity Thread aka "Today was a great day because....."

    I have before been like, *puts on Learn to Live by Bad Wolves* "ah ASMR"
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    yeah I always find it kind of funny people get so mad about that because like, yes, no one in MA ua ses them, no I have never had trouble driving because of that. Or more specifically, generally here people prioritize traffic flow. There's an intersection in the middle of town for example, that...
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    Least "Angry" Cars

    I enjoy how the foglights on mine look like goofy teeth
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    Opposite actually, my tv is antenna only because who pays for cable anymore when streaming exists. But honestly at this point I just go the extra step and watch on phone/tablet when available because trying to make the show onto the tv is extra steps I can just cut out.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    The worst plate to read back would something like 2S552 which you could probably memorize pretty well still but would be an absolute bitch to actually read accurately and probably be hard to remember if you don't write down
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    This is a thing that drives me crazy because my vison starts to get blurry at roughly a meter away which is too close to comfortably view a large tv, but I can see a small one perfectly. I could technically wear my glasses, but it's a lot easier to not need them. This is funny because my...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I mean TECHNICALLY we do have lifetime plates, but they are attached to the driver not the car. It requires that you have no gap in having the plates registered and on a vehicle but the only real barrier on keeping a plate until you are too old to drive is the fact they eventually become...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Apparently I have telekinesis then because the coolant magically escaped