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    Random Thoughts....

    YOU FUCKING DICK, CAN'T YOU SPEAK ENGLISH PROPERLY!!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! /ban
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    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    To MAkE a PoInT, yOU obTUsE CUnT.
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    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    Oh SoRRy I ThOUghT QUirKy SPeLLinG inVolVinG BUtCheRINg oF thE EnglISh LanGuAGe wAs AlLoWEd anD WanTEd hErE oN FiNalGEar.
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    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    i'M gOnNa h4vE to AgRee with hansvonaxion hErE - GiFs cOnCeRNiNG oNLy OnE SubJECt MaTtER bEcOmE AnNOyINg vERy FaSt, wHeTHeR iT bE SwEAtY NaKEd GuYz FiGHtinG, Or JuST soME EnGliSH GuY wiTH fLOPPy hAir, dOiNG sOmEThInG noNSenSIcAL. iM rEAllY noT sUrE hOW thE FoLLoWInG GiFS arE iN AnY Way...
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    Random Thoughts....

    I'm not being a Rechtschreibnazi. When people misspell something, that's alright. Everybody makes mistakes. But when you purposely go out of your way to butcher the English language despite knowing better, simply for the sake of annoying other people, it goes too far. I'm no Ice who will tell...
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    Random Thoughts....

    Hallo!? Jetzt mal ganz ohne Witz, Dialekte werden gesprochen, aber nicht geschrieben! Es steht dir frei zu sprechen wie du willst, aber die Englische Schriftsprache ist nun mal seit Jahrhunderten vereinheitlicht, und wer Englisch schreiben will soll gef?lligst korrekt schreiben, und nicht auf...
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    FinalGear Ringmeet 2011: August 12 - 14 2011

    Put me down for maybe, camping. It sort of depends on whether I can convince this guy and also on any sort of carpool arrangements.
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    Going to Germany for a Year

    Sorry, but no. Everything north of the Danube is East Germany.
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Inspired by a recent post from public: "Hmmmm, I haven't shaved in nearly two weeks.... let me get my shaver" That's not gone well!
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    The (quality) rap music thread

    RIP indeed, Mr Dogg Thus goes another one of the greats.
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    Post a pic of yourself

    A beautiful mid-march spring day in Munich, so I took off early from work and headed to the Biergarten. Make that +1 for dress shirt wearing engineers, ZeDestructor. Oh by the way I don't wear it because I have to, I could show up to work in flipflops, swim trunks & wifebeater. I wear it...
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    iphone gps/map help

    This isn't necessarily helpful for Lev, sorry no advice there, but as for Paco's desires, I have an app called runtastic that will do exactly that (and more).
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    Jalopnik: US Fiat 500 pricing to start at $15,500

    Was not talking to you, just included your quoted quote for context.