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    '97 VW Mk3 Golf VR6

    Hehe, I recognised the place where you had your incident with the Camry. Do you live around Randy?
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    2012 F1 Dreamteam

    How did I get number 1?!
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Is this at M4 Darling Harbour? Also, more about that girl next to you.
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    2011 Rugby World Cup

    Fucking France.
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    FinalGear TV!

    Loving FGTV so far! What song are you using for the intro? Is it Skrillex?
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    Codemasters' F1 2011

    I want this to be out already!!!!!!! I really do hope they improve the handling on 2011. Last year was poor to say the least.
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    Receiving the REAL BBC channels

    I found out about a program called ExpatShield which is free and assigns you a UK IP address which means you can watch the BBC iPlayer Live. I used it for the French Open finals. Though I think there are some shows which aren't broadcast online for some odd reason. I was able to get BBC1 and...
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    General cricketing thread

    So who's winning?
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    Teenager invites to birthday party on Facebook -- disaster runs its course

    This story comes out every now and then doesn't it? A fake one then there was So yeah, these...
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    2011 Formula 1 Season Thread

    If you actually want to see the guy get hit. Bloody idiot.
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    VNC won't work with new router

    Whoop whoop! got it to work. Thanks so much prizrak. :D Fiddled with the Firewall settings and it works :)
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    VNC won't work with new router

    I've been using the local IP address for my desktop. And I'm almost certain my router does not do it on a per-machine basis.
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    VNC won't work with new router

    It's been configured so it's disabled. I've opened up ports 5500, 5800 and 5900
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    VNC won't work with new router

    Is there some sort of drop-down where that would be in?
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    VNC won't work with new router

    I want to use the laptop (over wifi) to my desktop(ethernet connection). And thanks Spectre, I shall look into that.