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  • Sorry I didn't get an MR2, I went to see a nice black one with every intention of buying it but I found the interior too small for me and my camping chair took up the entire luggage space behind the seats. I also knew that I would very quickly get tired of moving the seats (and messing up my seat position) to access that space.
    Hehe no worries, I figure I have to make an effort as the designated MR2 evangelist around here. Keeping one as an only car for a few years was mostly an exercise in sheer bloody-mindedness, and the practical reasons for not getting one all make sense.
    I consider it a compliment. In fact, I chose "redliner" because that's how I drove my first car, a 60hp, 1-liter turd. It revved to 7000rpm, at least.
    Blake and Charles, takin' out trolls since 2007. *insert buddy cop theme song here*
    I can't give you any more rep, but I must say I nerdgasm'd on your +rep statement.
    Nice, I've seen plenty of Miata groups heading through my town from time to time. Those sight-seeing minivans often ruin my commute as well.

    Nice talking to you, goes to show that Massachusetts people aren't all bad. :p
    What are the odds of running across it? That's awesome.

    Yes, central NH is a lovely place until winter hits. Where did you wind up heading, Weirs Beach or did you go further north of the Lakes Region?
    Just happened across that post I made on that $10,000 Benz, didn't even see that you had posted pictures of it. That's hilarious that you found it, you must have driven past my house along the way because that's right on my road. Must have been funny noticing that car after seeing it posted online.
    Yo, were you on Rt. 9 in Westboro today? I saw a silver XJR with dark tints going eastbound infront of Herb Chambers Ford.
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