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    2010 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix

    It's 2.34pm here and the sky is a clear blue. Sun's shining as bright as it can possibly shine. I don't think we'll be getting the afternoon thunderstorms that we've been getting the past few days.
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    iceman making return to F1?

    :lol::lol::lol: I would really like to see Kimi come back to F1 too, but really at this point it's hard to guess where he wants to go, especially since he said only a few weeks back "You never know, but I will probably never return to Formula One." I guess time will tell...
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    Random F1 videos

    Extended version on the BBC website: :)
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    The F1 Image Caption Thread

    Omg at first glance I thought that that Santander logo right below Webber's bum was an image of a pile of turd. :lol:
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    The official 2010 season MotoGP thread!

    Jesus christ that is terrible...
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    McLaren continuing to show their level of doucheiness.

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    McLaren continuing to show their level of doucheiness.

    If they've got any spare diamonds that they don't want they can send them to me. :lol:
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    The F1 Image Caption Thread

    There was a feature during last Sunday's BBC pre-race on Jenson visiting his old schools.
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    Random Thoughts....

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    The F1 Technical Developments Thread

    Ahh, I see. Thanks for the explanations guys :)
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    The F1 Technical Developments Thread

    Can someone explain to me why it's called a 'Blown Rear Wing'? What does 'Blown' mean? (it sounds kinda weird to me) :|
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    2010 Catalunya Spanish Grand Prix

    Must be the insured thumbs thing. :lol:
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    Random Thoughts....

    Second driving lesson today and I went out onto public roads. FML, it was kinda scary and I wasn't even in the "major" traffic areas. Eeeeep! Still, it was lots of fun... although I should apologise to all the drivers who were behind me when I stalled several times. :|:lol:
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    Random Thoughts....

    While out in town today I lost my right contact lens. Trying to get home with only one eye being able to see clearly was a pain (literally), especially when my vision alternated between clear (left eye) and blurry (right eye). Next time please remind me to bring a spare pair of glasses along.
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    2010 Formula 1 Season - Official Discussion Thread

    Seriously, what the fudge is with the Ferrari-Marlboro-subliminal-advertising hoohaa going on? Hasn't it been there for quite a while now? Why are these people suddenly kicking up such a fuss? You know, I can't help but get this feeling that some people (new fans or non-fans) may not actually...