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    [12x08] December 28th, 2008 [Vietnam Special]

    All that and no Stig's Communist Cousin? Fail. 7/10.
  2. LadyBella Makes Video Clips UK Only

    Has caught on? I'm trying to watch the communist out-takes, and have pasted the script in and done the bookmarking thing but it either comes up on google or directs me to the Javascript website. Help? :(
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    [12x07] December 14th, 2008

    I don't know why but I was just bored almost the entire way through. Tom Jones bored me (Sad! I love his music.), the first part with the touring cars really bored me. Hell even the news bored me. And I still don't like Top Gear Stuntman, he's useless. I won't vote until I see it a second time...
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    Stigs morse code

    you could try waiting until the episode's over and someone'll come by like usual?
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    [12x06] December 7th, 2008

    I hate you. :P
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    [12x06] December 7th, 2008

    10. I don't know what of. Just 10 of everything. Hot women. Koenigseggs. 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10.
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    Rigging the Heat Magazine weird crush of the year

    Welp, according to someone who saw the mag... JEZZA WON!
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    "I am The Stig" shirt for Americans

    Edit: Never mind. Due to the unique way the BBC is funded they won't ship it to Canada. Damn you BBC Canada you've screwed me again!
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    The saga of James May and his 'shirts'

    We need a vote on what the Worst Shirt Ever is. I nominate this abomination: I mean, I love his shirts, but this looks like someone vomited technicolor on him. :P
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    Clarkson: Jezza More Popular than Barack Obama

    I hate that I care so much about the Heat poll that this actually excited me.
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    [12x05] November 30th, 2008

    Ain't gonna lie, was pretty bored. Hopefully when i watch the download it'll be better. Oh, my. You're pretty close with that Sequins remark. :lol:
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    What's up with the bet clothes?

    James' I think... Clarkson just had slippers.
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    Rigging the Heat Magazine weird crush of the year

    I've spread the word, and voted. Now I go to class, come back, and vote again. Vive le Clarkson!
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    [12x04] November 23rd, 2008

    Koenigsegg still beat Veyron and Zonda. I am a very happy girl right now. :D
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    TG S12 advert

    Reading him a challenge, by the looks of that golden envelope... .....Now I REALLY want to know. XD