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    The Ultimate OS X Thread

    Try making a small partition on your drive and install a fresh copy of the OS on that. Pain in the ass I know, but it should help diagnose whether or not this is a hardware or software issue. Most desktop hard drives now write at around 120MB/s (not megabits, megabytes). For the case of...
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    Jeremy's Mercedes fanboi-ism

    On top of what Jupix said, it's also because Top Gear doesn't really do any genuine performance testing of the cars they cover, merely a clip of some tyres smoking and lots of sideways action, that people think that Jeremy thinks that Mercedes are "better". However, Top Gear is for the hoon, and...
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    The Ultimate OS X Thread

    Don't know why it is so varied. My new MBP doesn't suffer from the issues at all. Reinstalling the update (Combo) on my iMac didn't do anything at all. Roll on 10.7.4 I guess...!
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    The Ultimate OS X Thread

    Two consistent problems that I have noticed with 10.7.3 are that the update always breaks Spotlight (both my iMac and MBP have suffered, not a problem, just need to rebuild the index), and that Wi-Fi auto-connect has stopped working, nearly completely, on my iMac. Frustrating, .2 was far better...
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    [18x03] February 12th, 2012

    While uncomfortable (I didn't like watching the Jag get battered at all...!), I thought that it was a brilliant episode, frankly hilarious!
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    iPhone / iOS Thread

    Calm down... Enable the Danish keyboard in Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Keyboard. This way, you simply click the globe whenever you want to type in the other language :) Sorry if I have misunderstood and this doesn't help! Sent from Tapatalk
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    iPhone / iOS Thread

    Erm, wha? I have a Terrapin screen protector on my phone (which are fantastic, the best screen protectors I have ever had), and the Candyshell fits absolutely fine. The Candyshell is a great case. The flaking issue is still there, unfortunately, but the flakes seem to have sorted themselves...
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    Opinions on Jonny Smith?

    He's a quirky guy with a quirky taste, something that we simply don't see anywhere else. Too many presenters nowadays adapt the overexcited (Vicki and sometimes Tiff), or try desperately hard to be funny. He's one of the few that has his own friendly style, and is just being himself it seems...
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    2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe (CLS Competitor) makes its debut

    Maybe I'm one of the crazy ones, but apart from the back, I love it!
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    Your perfect two car garage

    C63 AMG with straight pipes for a daily driver, and a Performance Power Racing TT Ford GT.
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    Top Gear Live 2011/12

    Went yesterday, and thought that while the Olympic thing was a great idea, it just didn't quite have the excitement of last year, which is a shame. Seemed a bit repetitive to me, to be honest. That said, I'll be honest, I'm a little sad and go there more for the cars than the show aspect, and...
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    Brand loyalties: where do yours lie?

    Logitech is one, love their mice, and their customer service is better than anything else I've experienced. HTC is another; fantastic build quality, and Sense is great when it isn't slow. So much more refined than anything that Samsung put it out IMO. Google is another all fairness to...
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    Android users: show your homescreens!

    Thanks! :P Now moved back to Sense though; the only reason I moved to Cyanogen was because the performance of Sense at the time was bloody awful. Now running Android Revolution HD 5.2.2, and it is smoother than CM7 :D Also, Sense integration with everything is far better; it's nice to have the...
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    [17x03] July 10th, 2011

    Thought it was a good episode, not quite as...exciting as the first two, more car based as they said, but perfectly enjoyable. Definitely the "worst" so far this series, but still very good. 8/10 :-D Aston: What's wrong with Vettel? Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
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    [17x02] July 3rd, 2011

    I thought it was a great episode. Probably because it was again more petrolhead-oriented. Thought that Jeremy's lap was actually pretty impressive, it was clear that he was pushing (and knew the track well after a couple of decades on/off reporting on it). That said, the Virage, it's