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    I'm in the middle of a MST3K mini-festival for myself. Watching every episode, from the last, through to the first (including the movie). I'm down to Season 4, Episode 17. As I watch them, I'm burning them to DVD. special DVD cases that each hold either a season, or 1/2 a season for those 24-episode seasons. After it's all done, I'll have 199 DVD's of MST3K with standardized menus and disc lightscribe art. (I found a rippin' good deal on lightscribe DVDs and the cases a while back.)

    Nice to meet a fellow fan.
    "What are your thoughts on Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic?"

    I'm a latecomer to both, so nothing definite yet. I recently bought the Reign of Fire Rifftrax, and got halfway through before getting distracted by finding more MST3K episodes online. But I'm happy to see the guys still putting out stuff.

    How about you?
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