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    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    Saw this at the grocery store today. No handicap placard either.
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    Shelby GT350 vs Lamborghini

    Or it was History channel and Top Gear USA, but that is a total guess and probably wrong.
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    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    We are also working with another company that can turn the gas we produce into various liquid fuels, like gas or diesel.
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    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    I have been hired by a start up company that is using gasification to convert waste to energy. Looks like the company could take off too, so hopefully all goes well. If they do take off I could get to travel all over the world working on the machines.
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    Does anyone know if there will be a live online stream of the race? I'm in Mexico City on business and I don't remember if they have done it in the past.
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    Cool Videos

    Don't listen to Rihanna, but this guy put a lot of work into his cover. Not to mention, he has a decent voice too.
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    Birds & Wildlife

    A couple pics from a day trip to the a bird sanctuary in the marshlands of the SF Bay Area. All criticisms can be explained by the fact it is a Panasonic DMC-FZ18. Zoom levels are 504, 317, 504, and 504mm respectively
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    Country Music is pretty much all I listen to. (New country that is) I do enjoy pop country/crossover/mainstream artists like Lady Antebellum. There are some stereotypical songs out there that are really good too. (Video makes it that much better) I Could Kick Your Ass by Justin Moore...
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    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    It was cool, I brought out my 10" telescope to check it out. One of these days when I get a DSLR I'll have to get into astrophotography.
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    Cool Videos

    This is probably a repost, didn't realize how old it was when I initially posted it. I want to see F1 deliver the SLS this way.
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    Cool Videos

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    edmunds Inside Line reviews the ratings of Top Gear America

    Week 4 Ratings Top Gear - 1.272 million viewers - 0.8/1 HH - 0.6/2 A18-49
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    YOUR most reckless driving stories

    115mph in a 45, at night, never driven the road before, at 115mph I see the glint of a reflection off of construction equipment so I slam on the brakes and stop about 30 feet from a bulldozer and then the road makes a 90 degree turn.
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    edmunds Inside Line reviews the ratings of Top Gear America

    I just ignore opinion based reviews, if I like it then I like it. Just like anything else in the world, there is nothing that will please everyone all the time.
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    Car Speakers - What's good value?

    I didn't upgrade my speakers, but my amp and tweeters by going to a junkyard and getting the amp, tweeters, and speaker grill from a 97 Taurus which had the Premium sound package. I bought it all for $65, compare that to when it was about a $300 option. Increased from 12 to 80 Watts RMS. Of...