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    Lens Flair

    Hey guys, haven't been on here for a while. I recently started getting into photography and bought myself a camera and taught myself how to use it. Thought I might just post my flickr and Instagram accounts to share my photos. Any feedback would be much appreciated :)...
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    iPhone / iOS Thread

    For someone coming from android and wanting to try an iOS device for the first time this is kind of a disappointment. Didn't expect much from all of the rumors that were hanging around before, but still. I'm looking to upgrade from my HTC One X which has a cracked screen and is getting on a...
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    Last movie you saw?

    The Worlds End. Yea, just watch it. We all love Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead right? Well, even though it is a bit different to the other two it is still absolutely brilliant. Hot Fuzz is one of my top films and I think I might actually like this one even more. 9.5/10.
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    [20x03] July 14th, 2013

    That was the best of the series by far. Really enjoyed pretty much all of it. Well done TG! 9/10
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    Last movie you saw?

    The Great Gatsby. Visually.. it's spectacular. The plot was interesting and kept me interested throughout the length of it. I think some of the accents might have been a little off or not as good as they could have been. But yea, DiCaprio brings his truckloads of charisma and really makes the...
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    The Music Thread

    Can't stop listening to this cover at the moment, think it's better than the original. So much love for San Cisco and Daft Punk.
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    Last movie you saw?

    The Hangover Part III. It wasn't that funny. The last 5 minutes is more entertaining than the rest of it. Save your money and avoid it. Glad I had a free movie ticket.
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    My, quite frankly, amazing procrastination skills.
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    Last movie you saw?

    They Live. Interesting concept, not the best execution. If you can get past the slow start it's pretty entertaining. And has one of the longest 1v1 fist fights I've seen in a while. Also, contains one of the most badass lines in movie history.
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    Last movie you saw?

    Dead Poets Society. Recommended to me by a friend, it is a great film. It is inspirational, tragic, and thought provoking. Really changes the way you think about things and I highly recommend it. Best film I have seen Robin Williams in.
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    Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

    Um, HOLY CRAP. Made my skin crawl, have got to watch this.
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    Android users: show your homescreens!

    Would it kill you if I said it was an XL? :P ... but you're right.. it is just a One X. Some sort of Nexus? Probably a Nexus 4.
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    Android users: show your homescreens!

    Is it strange that I go through here trying to figure out what phones people have by the icons/notification bar? Anyway, here's mine at the moment.
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    James May: The How many times has James been to the track (testing) thread?

    So few... and yet, he is my favourite reviewer.
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    The Music Thread

    Has somebody been listening to Triple J? :P But yea, Flume and Seth are great. Personal favourite from Flume is 'Bring you Down'. Also just found these guys 'The Glitch Mob' This is probably their most famous, as it was used by GoPro. But 'Drive it like you stole it' is pretty awesome aswell...