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    Probably no TG HD this series

    What i understand is that these new generation graphic cards offloads the demanding tasks from cpu to gpu (like CABAC).These Purevideo HD and UVD almost completely offloads h264 acceleration from CPU.UVD adds VC1 support too. In case of...
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    Tata Motors to present $2500 car

    Im not sure if its correct
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    Tata Motors to present $2500 car

    Tata say euro 4,front crash test passed and designed for intl crash tests. Red look awful,other colours are tolerable.
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    Top Gear Simulation

    Sorry to be offtopic,is there a rfactor/lfs/gtr2 pack of topgear track..
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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    Just wanted to tell that i liked the most of this episode, maybe its the hammond's accident that gave birth to this different TG episode,nice variation.. Im more and more impressed by TG camera crew after each episode.
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    How do you convert torrent file to .MP3?

    Thats not a problem,get uTorrent 1.6 build 474 or earlier in case you're skeptical about the acquisition of utorrent by bittorrent inc.. Its still a very nice piece of software..
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    2007 F1 car launches

    McLaren MP4 22
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    Northbridge heatsink came off!

    Use something like these
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    Welcome to vBulletin!

    BTW,is there any plan to return to phpbb3. The beta's out...
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    Allofmp3 now giving their music away for FREE!

    I belive its legal in russia (and they pay to riaa equailent over there). and im of the opinion that riaa (and mpaa) are ripping off people..
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    The Ctrl + V - Thread

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    Why arent turbos more common?

    Variable geometry turbo(from the new 911 and diesels) or Sequential twin turbo might solve problems with performance. Still that leaves cost and reliability..
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    Need some help with ATI card...

    You sure u got the new ATi drivers?